Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I made this tiny quilt sample to show me what type of room a binding vs facing takes

on a quilt. I keep it on my design wall and I use this all the time; not so much for the room it takes up (that only becomes necessary if you have to make an EXACT size). I use it because I can never remember what size I cut the binding strips!! It has been invaluable to me.
I went to a private library (what ever that is?) sale yesterday and got some beauties for $.25 for paperbacks and $1 for hard bounds. I got some great stuff. The Good German was a audio book I listened to while quilting and the last few chapters were all screwed up (that was in the old days when I didn't download the new and perfect way) so I wanna finish that up. My friend Peggy has told me for a couple years that Lisa Unger's Beautiful Lies was good but I couldn't find it. Now it's mine.
I bought this book again although I bought it at the very same sale a few years ago. One for here and one to take home.

This is an amazing website. I was sent part of it in one of those emails that you open ten windows to get to the source and so I copied the origin of it and found a much larger and wonderful website that has so many recipes on it you will be in heaven (if that's your thing).

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Christine Thresh said...

How clever of you to make a guide and hang it up for future reference. I always have to try to figure out the same things over and over again.