Monday, November 26, 2007

A Bride; A Groom; And An Idol

Our wedding this past weekend was a blast, even though I had to wear an 'old thing'. It turned
out to be a lovely day and we actually stayed at the same hotel that the reception was at, which made for a quick retreat when the action was over. But hey, I am getting ahead of myself; what about the wedding?

Here is Jenni and her dad heading up to the aisle for the nuptials. The bodice had some taupe colored thread work on it and it was lovely. Here are the maids all festooned in very vivid fall colors. Brown seems to be the new black for the past couple years.
Three of these girls are sister or sister in law to the groom and we have attended all their weddings within the past five years.
There were seven groomsmen and seven maids with three junior bridesmaids and a couple of flower girls and ring bearers. A very nice turnout if I do say so myself.

Oh, and here is the 'Kiss'. These two, Jennifer and Nick, have been dating and breaking up for ten years or so. I am very confident that this will stick. The kids are all grown up now.
Here is the church were the wedding was held. I am showing you this because it just so happens that this is a brand new church. A few years ago, a classmate of the groom at this church's school burnt down the church and they rebuilt it, bigger and better. The arsonist is behind bars as I type.
On to the reception. The table decor at my table was this very natural grouping of flowers, votives and branches. At the other tables they had similar but all different vessels
which a lot of the same treatment was presented differently but as lovely nonetheless. The mother of the groom happens to be a florist of some renowned.
This was the most important; the food. This is the first time I think that we got three choices for a dinner entree. I always go for the filet because it's the easiest not to mess up in cooking time. G sprang for the chicken and we did have a couple salmon eaters at the table and every one was very pleased. I neglected to get the picture of the cake in time before it was hauled back to the kitchen to be cut. These new fangled weddings are choreographed down to a nano second, especially if there is a wedding planner involved.
As the reception got into full swing, the groom decided to sing to his new bride and some of her maids in waiting. I still can't get used to a bride with a bottle of beer in my hand, no matter how many times I see it. It's just me.

I wanted to save the best for last. Does this girl look remotely familiar? I was told that she was on one of the past American Idol's. She was one of the four girl singers in the band and one of my brave soul friends actually got up the nerve to ask her and sure enough she was a prior contestant on the show. Does anyone know of what season? I only watched the last three and don't recall her but that means nothing with my memory. A spot of fame?


Anonymous said...

the AI girl was on this past season. can't recall her name.

looks, like the wedding was a great time. good thing you remembered it in time. ha, ha!!

Irene said...

I think she is Leslie Hunt:

She was in the Top 24, not top 12.

Things like that drive me nuts - I've just spent all morning trying to figure out who she was!

Mrs. Mel said...

Yes I recall her. Not tremendously good, but adequate.
I love the bride's dress.

PS I am voting for Julianne and Helio.

Anonymous said...

I like the black with white trims effect of that dress. Remember it when you go back to your vogue pattern.
Why did they have beer bottles in their hands at all!!! It is a wedding for goodness' sake, what is wrong with nice kelches? Look at the bride's face while she is being sung to!
Oh well.

Anonymous said...

yikes, anonymous 2:53!!

Terri said...

the dress is just gorgeous.