Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Corporate World

The new series is completed and out of the house. It was a mighty task; everything that I could do wrong I did. I literally had to disassemble the completed frame skeletons twice due to shoddy measuring. I neglected to subtract the fabric needed to go around the frame from the wood measurements. Yikes!! and on two, I did it twice!!
These first four are all the same size, as I have stated before. They measure in at 33 x 37 finished.
I am very happy with the results. Ususally I am dismayed by my complete lack of proper quilting but in this case I am happy with the results.
I used my vivid imagination and named these four Corporate 1 thru 4.
I used a permanent magic marker to sign and date the backs and denote what is the top of the
work because I am sure everyone could care less but I do know what is top and it is very important to me. This fifth piece measures 37 x 40 and is cleverly named Corporate 5.
Last but not least is Corporate 6 which is 65 x55. I have taken the time to photograph the process of framing and stretching these quilts around frames and will show you at a later date. Right now I have to get a crackin'. Bella goes to the groomer and I have to get to the store and try and beat the last minute holiday shoppers at the grocery store. I have food to prepare!!!


Mrs. Mel said...

They really did turn out great. I look forward to the installation shots.

teri springer said...

Me too (installment shots). These pieces are quite different for you!


dee said...

I really like them a lot-especially #6. The quilting matches the design-very cool!

bonnie said...

They look you treat them with anything for sun/stains since they are in a commercial setting...scotchguard or something?

zquilts said...

This series is terrific! Great work!

Tommy said...

No, I don't treat them at all. Hey, the way I figure it, sooner rather than later they will need NEW ones!!!!