Saturday, November 03, 2007

Deck The Halls

This is my meager fall decorations.

There was an even smaller green pumpkin but it quickly rotted and had to be tossed. Instead of
my patriotic triple flag combo, I changed up my flags to just Halloween orange and black. Regina, on the other hand, tends to get into the holiday decoration more than I do. While talking to her a couple days ago she said, 'you should see my kitchen table; it looks like it belongs to a bag lady.'
Yes folks, this is the table she was referring to that they eat their meals on. I insisted she send the picture of it for my comic enjoyment. In all fairness to Genie, this was the accumulation of all the various decorations through out her house that were being rounded up for storage. I quit this kind of trimming of the home for all holidays but Christmas ever since the kids went off to college.

It's exhausting.

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