Monday, November 12, 2007

Do We Egret It?

There were a couple things that I liked while I was shopping a tiny bit with Regina before she left me to go home. This little opened top tote (it's about 10" x 10") caught my eye as something fun to make for a quick gift.

The top fringe is just that fun yarn you can get just about anywhere. Sometimes I even buy the tote to use as inspiration but I took a pass at the $139 price tag.

This frog Christmas stocking is one of the cutest I have ever seen. It's got adorable skinny

dangling legs. It would be fun to make. I will put this on my list of possibilities in the future.

We were in the parking lot of the golf course hooking up with the guys and all of a sudden I turn around and see

Regina wrapped up in about seven mink bodies!! She is sketchy at times and this was no exception. This was her mother's stole that just happened to be in the trunk of her car along with golf clubs. Humm.

G and I had seen signs for an Art Fair on Palm Island and always looking for new things to do with guests, we decided to head on over to the Art Fair. We followed the signs and realized that

we needed to take a ferry. This is where you get the ferry to three islands; Palm, Don Pedro and Knights Island. It carries people and vehicles alike. I found out that it costs $5 for a person and $50 for a car (including both ways;on the island and off). I am surely hoping that the people who inhabit the island get a deal on their ferry costs!!! Regina and I goggled Palm Island to see if there was some restaurants and we were assured that there were, although the island appeared to be mostly for vacationing on the website. So we paid our $5 and awaited the adventure.
This is the actual ferry and it 's trip was less than a block. Literally. You could holler over and they could easily hear you.
Here we were waiting for a ride. I think G could have used some sun glasses and I could have had mine on straight!

Once we got onto the enchanted island our thoughts of a nice island lunch were quickly dashed. First, the Art Fair was right there when we got onto the island. We asked where the restaurants were and were told that they were at the resort. Okay, I don't mind. Where's the resort? Two or three miles down the road (the island is five miles long). We can do that. How do we get there? Oh, walk. Now, I have no problem walking but there were some major buts. We all had sandals on and the road was sandy and full of burrs. Regina had on a heeled sandal and the guys had just done 18 holes in the Florida heat and it was almost 3 o'clock and we wanted to eat NOW. We ended up eating the only thing that was left at the food counter at the Art Fair. So, with burrs in our feet, we sat down to a hot dog, cheeto's in a little bag and a can of, surprisingly enough, ice cold diet coke. Not exactly what we were picturing, but what the hell. It tasted yummy.

The art fair was very very minimal. I got a kick out of the name of this stand. It consisted of vests, and jackets and quilts of old fashioned blocks (like grandmothers flower garden) but it was pleasant enough. Because of the burrs (which I got more than a couple) we tread lightly and quickly made our way through the crowd. I made a purchase but I can't tell you what it is because it may be for you.
We got a kick out of this sign that was at the start of the two or three mile trek to the restaurants. Floridians are pretty clever, eh?

Oh, I forgot about this. I made a purchase for myself. I am a pig monger and I am a sucker for any example of 'when pigs fly'. This glass blower had all sorts of whimsy animals and plants.

Our whole trip to the island, counting the trip, the eating and the shopping took all of 45 minutes. Talk about using time wisely!

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Anonymous said...

There is a 'duro' dress in the background!!! So much for clever observation...LOL...