Sunday, November 11, 2007


Sometimes, when I am tackling something new and foreign and need to READ DIRECTIONS, I find it easier to hogtie an overnight guest (they can't run away) and try out something new. This weekend visit did not prove to be an exception. Somewhere from someone (and sorry if it was you who RE-GIFTED it to me - I could just tell) I was honored to receive this Tassel Master and actually I always wanted to know how to make a tassel, especially seeing the
unbelievable prices the interior designer stores are getting for them (ya know, the gotta match the pillow/drape/couch/carpeting).

The guys went golfing and frankly, by the choice of attire, I think Genie would have rather been at the course with the menfolk than to be in the studio with moi.
In the instruction process I think this is the part that says 'make a very dumb face and pick at a disturbing hang nail.
This is the little loom and the little blue pegs that we put in kept coming out so we had to hammer them in. Our first attempt at the fringe didn't pan out so well. I chose a firm skinny ribbon and a more flexible yarn
and even after we put on the 'skirt tape' (as the directions call it) on to hold the ribbon together (I call it double sided tape) it didn't work. So we decided to just go with one type of yarn so I chose a white 100% cotton.
This photo is following the direction part that said ' try to get all your newly manicured digits in the photo frame. '

Here's what it looked like when we gently took it off the loom and taped one end very securely. Voila !! A tassle. Of course, you are to paint the finial and the kit only came with one so this is as far as we got with the craft project. We went on line to see the cost of a finial and they were 2 for $6.25, which I guess isn't so bad. Another thing off my list to try.


dee said...

I think they use those small tassles in various forms of musical (ahem) entertainment. Show times please?

Corky said...

Ha, my first thought was the same as Dee's. I keep flashing back to the scene in The Graduate when the stripper was able to make the tassels go in opposite directions. I was 16 at the time I saw it and I STILL can't figure out how she did it.