Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fit For A King

I think I will show you some food. When making up last nights dinner plans, I went to my friends at the Food Network for help.

I made Caesar salad dressing with a recipe from Ellie Krueger. Then to put on the salad I made Giada's

polenta croutons but I baked them rather than fry them in order to help Regina tow the line for her Weight Watchers weigh in.
This side of lentils and vegetables is a favorite of mine that I got out of Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa in Paris. I put two whole chickens on the grill rotisserie and we just picked them to death.
Yeah, I'm with you; this is disgusting and was NOT my plate but I refuse to be a tattle tale. This is Paula Deen's 'It's Better Than Sex' cake. I kid you not; that is the name. I made it in a spring form pan rather than the 13 x 9 that the recipe called for. There's something about eating a cake out of a pan that bugs me. It is yellow cake with a pineapple layer, a french vanilla pudding layer and then whipping cream and toasted coconut. It took me a little convincing Regina that we need to cut into the cake and have more manageable sized portions. She was not giving it up easily.
Finally, we got to dig in. It cut beautifully and looked great in it's side view. It was a feast worthy of royalty.


Anonymous said...

I hope that cake had only 1 side! What is it about American recipes? If it is worth doing, it is worth overdoing?

dee said...

The cake looks wonderful-overdone???I think I saw something similar in Vienna, and Paris, and Luxembourg...although no one can overdo like Paula.