Thursday, November 08, 2007

Doin' The Wash

I think I have brought this up in the past but am way to lazy to look up whether I did or not. And frankly, I tend to repeat myself so I can just chalk it up to advancing age. Last fall G decided that he had to have a mini van. We never had one when everyone else did when the kids were young but now, when it's just the three of us (Me, G and B) we have nine cup holders and more room than we could ever use. But the old man is happy so? With all that room I suggested that we take the washer that I had fixed to reduce the water level down here so I can dye with no worry about putting salt in the septic system. G said it was good to go so a couple weeks before we came down, when my brother was visiting, he put the washing machine in the mini van. After it was in the back they noticed that there was some oil leaking and that maybe a seal broke open and we could get it fixed once it arrived here.

We had a washer in the back of the van for two weeks before the Clampet's headed south.

The repair man came and said that it could be fixed but it may be a little pricey. An hour later the call came with the price; insane ! almost $400.

G put it back in the van and headed out to a couple places that sell used appliances. I had called all the places where I thought an old washer would end up two years ago and got no glimpse of a possibility. G thought the personal touch; going there and explaining what I wanted would be a better avenue to go down. After much explanation G got a 'I'll try' from a guy that said he would tinker around and see if he could swap parts in old washers and come up with what I wanted. Finally it panned out. The guy called and got a washer down to three gallons but still does all the other stuff. I am thrilled.

Here it is all hooked up and waiting until after Christmas to get a workout. I tested the water level and it looks divine. It's a little smaller than the normal machine and appears to be about 15 or so years old. It's like an adoption. I've got a teen.

I thought for sure the new girl that is working at the winery and is getting down and dirty with brother Tommy on one of my must watches, Brothers and Sisters, was the same girl that played Kim Bauer (Jack's daughter) on 24. I looked extensively on line and all I could come up with is that on some blog someone said exactly what I thought; that she looks just like Elisha Cuthbert. I still can't figure out who she is. Maybe cloning is not just a thing of the future!!!

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