Monday, November 05, 2007

This And That

I went out to the garage to get a screw driver and saw an iguana tail disappear under our old refrigerator. I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs for my man and told him about it and then saw a spider as big as my fist with a body as big as a prune (where did I come up with that size comparison?) Guess what? I am no longer going into the garage unattended. It's like being at reptile zoo. We definitely need to check for holes.

While in Chicago on one of those trips in October I happened to find myself in H&M. It's totally disposable clothing (what I call one season stuff) but sometimes I just can't resist. That was the case when I purchased two sun dresses for $9.99. Rather, it was buy one for $9.99 and get the second one free. Hands down for the first choice but the second left me with an army green solid colored dress. I put it on this morning to take Bella out for her first squirt and thought it quite dull and especially because I had on red sandals from the night before and they just didn't go. Before 9 a.m. I had retrieved all my red buttons from my button jar and while the dress was still on me, I transformed (big word for adding buttons. ) the drab into the drab with a bit of color. Now, as you can see,

it calls for red sandals.

I spent the better part of the day timing my longarm sewing machine. What a nuisance; it was fine when I left it and now it not only did it skip multiple stitches in a row, but the thread broke every two seconds. I had to call for help but being Sunday, no one answered, but finally I figured out that the needle was down to far. The freaky thing about that is that the screw was so tight that held it in place that I had to apply wd 40 and silicone and still had to have G help me to loosen the screw. So how come it was in the wrong position? Oh, it exhausts me to think of it. So I won't.
Today we are going to pick out new carpeting. The carpeting here is fine except for the many many spots where it is discolored due to Oxy carpet cleaner (those two canister hooked together things). After using them a lot when Mazy was in her last days we realized that it contains bleach and it literally ruined the carpeting. I have lived with it long enough and have to do something about it.

We are also going to the driver's license place to get new licenses. My reason is that I have the grossest picture imaginable and I can't live with it any longer and anyway G and I both need state id's to put on the bikes in case we have a heart attack on the road and are laying there flailing and can't talk and they don't know what our name is. Good thinkin' huh?
These two guys made out of twigs have been pinned on my design wall for a couple years and I still haven't found a home for them. They have been there so long that I don't even see them any longer. Maybe they have found a home!!

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Gayle from MI said...

Well now, in describing your ordeal with your long arm you have hit upon the exact reason that I hated mine and ended up selling it. No rhyme or reason to why they mess up.