Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I got to talking to a neighbor about how far I have gotten in my bridge learning and she told me that there were a group of four girls who learned how to play bridge from vcr tapes. She said she would look for them and sure enough, the next day her husband dropped off the first in the series of three tapes. The visual learning was very helpful and I needed to pick and chose when I watched it because we only have one vcr left in the house. Ready to go to Florida and not wanting to hog her tape, I returned it and went on line

and got my own set. I was hoping it came in dvd form but I guess the bridge players aren't as techno as others. Anyway, now I can watch and learn at my leisure. Regina is learning to improve her game so maybe when she and her hubby come to visit for the weekend, we can prop up our legs and give these a watch.

The house here in Florida is like most down here and is a ranch style. Because of this, it's more spread out than our main house and we were trying to figure out how we could tell when Bella had to go out. Mostly she just stares at us or goes by the front door. We have rigged up some

bells on a ribbon and tied it on the door. When we go out with her we jingle them. We have done it for a couple days and soon we will take her paw and have her do it (that or use her head) and hopefully the benefit of all this will be that when she needs to relieve herself, she will go to the bells and let us know. If nothin' else it'll prove that G and I are trainable.

I have to start a major commissioned job today. I have put it off for six months and can't any longer. I am going to clean off my work surface and start from scratch. I need to make six pieces that are of mostly neutral colors and have something similar about them. It's time to dig in.


Cindra said...

Good luck on both the training and your commission project. Hope we get to see it.

Karen said...

We have our puggle trained on the bell system. We purchased one of those leather strips of huge bells and screwed it right to the wood of the french door. At first it was a game and she had fun with us, but after a while she became bored with it and it became a real blessing. People are always amazed that you can train a dog to let you know when they need to go out. You can do this!

Anonymous said...

I taught my cat to 'ring the bell' when he wanted to go out. I thought I was so clever, but he was more clever, since he started batting at it at 2am, 3am and so on! Very clever cat, that one.

Good luck


Irene said...

I'm sure you already know this, but you can play bridge online. At least that way if you make a bad bid, you don't have to face your partner!

Hope Bella is ringing that bell soon.