Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My New Work

I am thrilled to announce (and share) my five new commissioned tops.

These first four are all the same size and are to line a long corridor at an office building. The

request was to use neutrals and have them all cohesive. I haven't started to quilt them yet

but I plan on starting that today. They will eventually be stretched over 1 x 2's for a more professional office look.

I came up with the style of them by chatting with Mrs. Mel for a concept and after deciding to do a series (something that is similar in each piece) I thought I would give a shot at her 'stacking' method. I ended up not doing it like she did (mainly because she is a fuser and I am a piecer) because it is impossible to do some of the intricate things with my method but I am happy with
the results. This fifth piece is a little bigger and although it is going to be in the same general area, it will not be together with the others. Most of the fabrics are similar but the concept in making it was different.

I feel rejuvenated after having done this work that has been hanging over my head. My deadline for it was the end of the year and I will be finishing up with a few weeks to spare. Yeah!!!


Laura Christensen said...

Very good job!!! I like your design and your color placement. They show nice balance. Can't wait to see them quilted.

bonnie said...

Very nice indeed...do they have names yet?

dee said...

I really like what you've done here. When you first showed the colors the other day I have to say, even though they are verrrry neutral & you seemed unhappy with the choices, I had a feeling that you would make them look fabulous. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am in AWE! This is all pieced work and not fused, are you sure????

Wonderful works.

Anonymous said...

The last pic isn't there, am I the only one not seeing the last pic in the group?

Tommy said...

I re- added tje fifth picture on this blog because I was told that it doesn't open. It was opened for me but if you like you can try again as I took out the picture and then reinstalled it. Thanks for the heads up.

Frieda said...

I really love these pieces.