Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Nesting Urge

I have been informed that my website is not opening and so I checked it out and sure enough, it's not working. I rarely visit my own site so I would not have known this if there weren't some of you that access my blog via I have emailed my web master to see how I can remedy this situation.

Just in case you need a Belly fix, here is her first picture since arriving in Florida. By the way,

Bella is an excellent traveler. She loves the car. She isn't nearly as interested in trapping and murdering bugs as she was in the spring. You can really tell she is older by stuff that she doesn't do rather than the things she does. She still loves my sandals, although she has never harmed them at all. She just likes to get her head in them. Just yesterday, as I entered G's library (room with big screen tv) he said 'Need some shoes?' and he looked down and there were a row of my shoes that B had brought in. She no longer eats paper (unless it is filthy and scrunched up and plastered on the street) but still scouts for thread spools and yarn balls. She is quite a joy.
If you can even believe this, we brought the very last of the tomato crop down with us. I just couldn't let them die or throw them away. I would have made up a batch of fried green tomatoes but then that would kind of negate the cardo we do each day to stay just short of below the yellow line (you need to watch Biggest Loser to know what that means).

When I asked G, in my sweetest voice, if he would check out the tires on the bikes so we could start to ride them a bit each day, he rushed out to the garage at my bidding to take care of the job. To our amazement, there was a bird's nest in the back pack over the rear wheel of my bike. It was barely unzipped (I unzipped it for the photo). It didn't appear to have any remains of chicks or eggs and after it was removed (by G; the thought of doing it myself scares me) I noticed how substantial it was in size (maybe 4 or 5 inches tall) but rather loosely constructed it was compared to the many I have retrieved from the deck rafters at home. Now I just need to know how the bird got in and out of the garage. Beats me.


dee said...

Bellavision-best program on the internet!

Cindra said...

I do need a belly fix, but it is an entirely different belly and includes much pain. I prefer your belly fix.

Anonymous said...

Bella is so photogenic(sp?).
Now you can brush up on some new culinary skills and make some 'bird nest soup'! Yum!!!

Owens Family Adventures said...

I don't think your site was the only one having trouble. Something must've happened over there at blogger headquarters cause ours were down over here too. I had serious blog withdrawl this weekend!!! Thankfully today I am up and running and can even leave a comment or tow.
Love the pics of Bella!!

Anonymous said...

I "simply" love your blog...every day. It is always interesting, and often amusing!!!

jill c said...

I just recently found this blog. It is my favorite. You are very "YOU" and make it entertaining but still everyday; like I talk to you on a daily basis. By the way, what's your phone number. I think we could be great friends. Oprah likes me..

christine said...

I don't like dogs much but you make having one like a dessert for the day. I may look into a rescue rather than the gourmet dog you have. No offense.

teri springer said...

"Gourmet Dog" it. I wonder if my purebred qualifies?? I wonder if Christine knows you can get purebreds from a rescue??

So, any idea what kind of bird made that nest?? If I didn't know better I'd swear you had a car port instead of the garage!!

Belly girl is such a doll!!