Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Shoe Box

We are now back in Indiana for the holidays. It would figure then that our cable and internet went out last night during Dancing With The Stars and is just now up and running. One thing I did learn in this is that when you tape something (like I taped DWTS because I didn't know if I would be home in time to see it)and the cable goes out, you can still watch your saved shows. When you think about it, it's no longer cable so that would make sense. Unfortunately, I will probably forget that in the future, like lots of other things.

My internet buddy, Laura Christensen, told me about this shoe outlet that is on my way home, just seconds off 65 in Shepardsville, KY.

I have tried to find it in the past but went too far and now that I know where it is (thanks L) it will be a stop that I will make again in the future. It is an online shoe store that my brother always checks out first when looking for shoes cauz' he has odd shaped (paddles?) feet and they are short and wide (once again, paddles?) I guess even online stores have surplus and overstock and so, a pristine shoe outlet evolved.
They have great stuff and we (me and G) spent lots of time in the store, mostly looking for the
cheapest shoes we could find. In the quest for that, I happened on some wild shoes/boots. Some where actually supposed to be wild (like this white and lavender job) and others were

dolled up pretty much for our viewing enjoyment. And enjoy them I did. They had Frye boots and if I could have found a pair of red cowboy boots that I and my orthotic could fit into, I would be the proud owner of them. No such luck and I was very jealous when another gal found them in her size and wore them right out of the store.

I had to buy one pair of $20 boots because of the brand name. I think it was named after me and they fit like a glove. My problem is that I have about ten pair of boots and I spend the winter in Florida. I have to stop myself.
The staff is very young and hip and they had rap music on the intercom that actually had some swears in it. Boy, do I sound like an old broad or what? The fact that I even mentioned that is enough to put me over the edge.
I got a wedding this weekend and these 'special' shoes would surely fit the bill. But I do have
that pink dress and either this pair or
this pair would look equally stunning. Decisions, decisions.


Laura Christensen said...

glad you were able to find it- yes, it is kind of hit and miss as to finding what you want and in your size, but I have gotten some great bargins! Kind of like TJ Maxx- it's the thrill of the hunt.
Happy Thanksgiving

dee said...

Breaking news....I didn't know they had such a thing as Zappos stores you could actually go to. Those last ones a re a little too much bling. In fact they hurt my eyes. Bright, shiney, colorful, sparkly and I must go and sit down with a glass of the grape and contemplate a beige wall...ohmmm...ohmmmm...ohmmm
Happy turkey day Tommy!

Mrs. Mel said...

I wish you had included the prices. The one with the clear platforms and slot machine was too funny. One has to look close to see it.