Thursday, November 01, 2007


You could have knocked me over with a brick wall because I was so shocked that the Cheetah girl was voted off DWTS. She was equally shocked. The last time I saw such a surprised look was when Chris Daughtry was voted off Idol. This girl was amazing; had more energy and grace than anybody on the show. And surely she has a big youthful following. I just don't get it.

I didn't realize that there was an article about dressing up your pets. The article, in the USA Today, was called 'More pets find themselves dressed to chill'. This year, 7.4 million households will put their furry friends into a Halloween costume. The top ten are as follows:
Devil 12%
Pumpkin 9.2% (cousin Bea was a pumpkin)
Witch 4.5%
Princess 3.8%
Angel 3.3%
Pirate 2.8%
Hot Dog 2.4%
Bat 2.3%
Black Cat 2.1%
Clown 2.1%
So you can imagine my embarrassment when little 14 month old Belly came to the party

as a skeleton. The humiliation was palpable. It was hard for us to leave the lobby of the Drury Inn with a costume that didn't even rate in the top ten. On a little different tangent, when we named Bella, we had no idea that it was within the top ten names for animals. Didn't know and had never met another pet with the name UNTIL WE NAMED HER. THEN ALL THE PETS, PRIOR OR PRESENT, named Bella came out of the woodwork. It doesn't help that there are more pets named Maggie than there are humans with the name. Sorry darling daughter. But I digress.
Here we have our skeleton with her early morning hoodie on, just checking out the scene from the car window.
Not too long afterward, Miss Belly was in her car seat, catching a few ZZZ's. See how tall the car seat is so that they can see out the window?
Late in the afternoon our little darling chose to get back into her car seat and just let go and log some major sleep rems. She looks very comfortable and adorable. This is when I will roust her and hug and kiss her and then she won't leave me alone and G says, like he did when Peter and Maggie were little, ' why don't you just leave them well enough alone'. I never could and still can't.


Cindra said...

Tell Bella it is cool to be different. She looked fabulous as a skeleton! Great car seat, too.

Jeri said...

You're right, Bella is becoming a common name. One of my co-workers named her daughter Isabella but calls her Bella. My friend has a goat named Bella (She also has goats named Odie and Melman - I think Bella lucked out!)

teri springer said...

Hey, who wants a costume like everyone else? Bella is a trend setter- not a follower!


dee said...

I wouldn't be able to leave her alone either. She's gorgeous.

Irene said...

Maybe her costume wasn't in the top 10 but Bella certainly is - she's adorable and clearly enjoys her new car seat.

Ben, my baby, was Micky Mouse, so he wasn't in the top 10 either :-(

sandy said...

Hey our Tippy was a pirate ....