Sunday, November 18, 2007

Something Old

We are on the road, heading home for the holidays. We stopped at a motel and were lucky to even get one that has a vacancy and takes dogs and has a restaurant in the near proximity. We had to travel two towns north of where we wanted to stop because there was a 'car show' in Georgia that seemed to have taken all the motel rooms. So, all was well and we went to a local Mexican (very authentic) restaurant and had a nice meal.

All these places have a breakfast and what we normally do is check out and then run in get coffee and grab a banana and call it a morn. Upon parking out front of our motel, we enter the lobby and G (who always does the check in while I keep the Belly at bay) says, 'oh, I forgot to tell you
they have a antique store in the lobby.' Not only is the lobby an antique store but even the tv that is in the breakfast room an old armoire full of hand quilted quilts, the halls going to the
lobby bathrooms are filled with things old and for sale. It was so weird; almost a dream in that it was so out of context.

Look at all this stuff in a hotel lobby!!! It's pretty funny when you think about it. But then, in a way, it's a good use of space. Most of the time a lobby is pretty empty so why not make a couple bucks on the side?
Right out there with all the stuff was a work station for guests to use and right next to the computer was an old wash stand and chair. Kind of a juxtaposition of centuries.


Anonymous said...

Nice place, what is wierd, is the fact that people could just pack the quilts etc on their way out!!! They must have cameras all over. Love the carpet, it ties in the antique feeling.
On your way home??? You just got to FL?

dee said...

Safe trip and Happy Thanksgiving To you and your family Tommy...Oh and Regina if you see her.

teri springer said...

What a hoot. Glad I didn't stop there because I would have to try to find space in my always overpacked car.

Hey, did you know that Comfort Inns are "pet friendly"?? When I am on the road with Kaiser I always look for one. I even have their 800 number on my cell so I can call, tell them where I am and they can give me the address of the nearest Inn. Comes in real handy on those trips back and forth to Nova Scotia!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and the (ever growing) family!!


Anonymous said...

That's funny Tommy.
I remember stopping at the same motel years ago.
I bought a great quilt top.
Can't remember the name of the town - do you?
Kay S who is spending thanksgiving in FL