Thursday, November 15, 2007

Swaying In The Breeze

I am in a quilting frenzy right now and can think of nothing more, which is sad because we have Gordon's(boy, when is the last time I spelled out that name?) only brother John visiting. He pretty much just needs some beer, tp and a clicker so I guess he's taken care of. Back to me; I have five of six of my new work quilted and I an almost giddy with the results. It has been a long time since I have cranked out so much in so little time. Therefore, to get back to it I am only going to be a botanist for a minute and then leave you for the sewing machine.
These coconut palms are literally right outside the door and path to the boat from the back of the house. One coconut has already landed and cut through the screening of the lanai. This is the first year in many that we have had so many coconuts and in walking the neighborhood, I notice that we are not alone. Gordon wanted to cut them down and I put the cabash to that. They are at least 25' high and are lovely and anyway, I checked on line and there has been no documentation that people have died by being hit by a falling coconut. I guess that wasn't his point (they are messy and destructive) but it's a valid argument in their favor.
When Genie was here she wanted to know what kind of palm this is that is right out side my kitchen. I have no idea what it is but she likes all the stuff hanging from it. It is actually in my neighbors yard. I first thought it was a date palm but someone told me how messy they are and I haven't noticed any mess at all as far as this palm is concerned. Anyone?
Now, onto the carpeting that is three years old and needs to be replaced. We had some carpet cleaner (have I said this before? Oh, well then, sorry) that ruined our carpeting. It was that two tank together Oxy stuff for pets and it left marks all over the house from clean ups from our dear departed Mazy. When the new carpeting comes, I have half a mind to cut out these spots and send them to both Woolite and Shaw carpeting. I did read the can and the carpet instructions and realize that I have no recourse because they both have warnings to try products in an area that would not be noticable if it wasn't colorfast, and like everyone in the world, I never do that. I still think I will send them the spots. Early Christmas present?


sistersoftheart said...

The hanging things look like the seed pods on our queen palms. They are very messy and a real pain to cut out of the tree tops. It's my job to hold the ladder when hubby does this manicuring chore & I have learned to wear a hat and watch closely to what he is cutting out - sometimes you have to duck! Can't wait to see your current pieces finished. Love the photos so far!

Anonymous said...

I also replaced the FL carpet after 2 years.
I chose a beautiful green or gold or brown - depending on who describes it. It has about a 1 inch pile and just a little variety in texture.
Shows nothing and adds warmth to the whole house.

Pjn said...

We did hear from a tour guide in Hawaii that a couple of people die each year on each island from coconuts falling on their heads! What a way to go though!

Anonymous said...

***We did hear from a tour guide in Hawaii that a couple of people die each year on each island from coconuts falling on their heads! What a way to go though!***

Hawaiians must be really stoopid. One would think this would happen once and word would get around!!!!DUH!

I was raised on an island and never heard of this happening. Maybe we are smarter....LOL....

Bev said...

Over here on the east coast of Florida, we have our palm trees pruned and coconuts removed before hurricane season. Those things will smash through a window with ease, even if you have impact resistant windows, and act like cannonballs. You probably didn't notice any in the last few years because the hurricanes pulled them all down. As for what kind of other palm tree you have, it's hard to say without seeing the fronds. Queen palms, as someone suggested, have fronds that can reach 7 feet long.