Saturday, November 24, 2007

What To Wear?

As I mentioned before, I have a new niece that I neglected to make anything for when she was born (four weeks ago) and so I was using a pattern I have used in the past and making it bigger (I blogged this) which is much more to my liking. I made the bigger pattern but ran out of time to make a quilt in time for seeing the baby on Thanksgiving.

I found myself with about four hours the day before Thanksgiving while Bella was getting groomed to whip up something. So what I did was use fabric similar to what I was putting in the quilt (got the color scheme from the Pottery Barn Kids website) and use the same smaller bear on it and made a wall hanging. It is not quilted at all. The bear is machine appliqued with matching thread in a close zigzag and the lettering is fused down and that's all. I figured it was way to time consuming to sew them down and anyway, it's not like anyone is gonna wash or manhandle a framed picture. Oh, yeah, I did make a frame out of 1 x 2" (ended up being 23 x 30) and first stretched batting down (to make it 'appear' to be quilted) and then the picture itself. It turned out great and I even had time straighten up the studio before going to get Bella.

Yesterday I spent a couple hours updating my 'quilt' book, putting in all the entries that haven't made it in for the last year. I felt like I haven't done too much but I actually have a couple dozen or more works that I have done. I then started on finishing a binding and had a brain freeze. We are attending a wedding today and I never thought about what I was gonna wear. In fact, until a week ago, I totally forgot about the wedding itself! Anyway, I had nothing new and would see people I see a lot and decided at five thirty to make a dress to wear. I got out a pattern and some fabric that I already had for a different event and decided that I didn't want a short dress and I didn't have enough fabric to make a long one.

This is the pattern. I should have gone with what I had but NOOOOOOOOOOOO, not me. I decided that we should all pile into the car and go to Joann's for more fabric. G and B accompanied me (I was thinking that a chauffeur would speed up the process). Not knowing that they have some Doorbuster promotion, I had to wait while several women purchased more fleece than I have seen in my natural life. But anyway, with fabric in hand we headed home.

I started to cut out the pattern pieces and was getting frustrated due to using slippery satin and even slippery lining and so made myself calm down (wine) and proceeded to finish cutting out the pieces before heading into the kitchen to prepare dinner. With that complete I headed back to the studio
and proceeded to frustrate myself and make a major mess to boot. At 10:45 I
gave up the plan, knowing that I would be up until one and still I wouldn't have finished. The more I try to go fast the more things slip and slide around and make me crazy. Plus, without trying on the finished bodice, it was lookin' mighty small; and honey, I wasn't even going there!! My little black velvet from last season is looking damn fine right about now!


Cindra said...

tommy, you are such a dazzling person, you outshine anything you wear anyway. People just want to be around you. You could be in pj's and tennis shoes.

Anonymous said...

Good idea to not stress yourself and the fabric. Give it another try when you have nothing else to do. I love that pattern though and am going now to try and find it.

Ólöf I. Davíðsdóttir said...

How about ironing the uncut fabric to freezer paper, lay down the pattern pieces, draw around and then cut?
It might be safer to do it on the wrong side of the fabric so than when the freezer paper is removed the fabric is not scratched. I always make a shallow cut in the freezer paper, fold the piece on the cut so I have an opening stick my fingers in to loosen the paper off.