Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Between myself and future son in law, we amassed about 400 holiday pictures. Where do I begin? Everyone has gone home and now instead of ten people and two dogs since Saturday, it's just me and Bella. Oh, and sheets. I will start with some of my favorite things, in no particular order of fondness.

Here is my grand niece, who would not part with MY jacket that I was gifted at the Fitzsimmons exchange. I hear that when Ella eventually takes it off, it will once again be mine.

One of my favorite elves is primping just before she gets to open her gifts from Santa.

Another grand niece, Lauren, is costumed in her favorite flair of anything Asian. She was born on the wrong continent (with possibly the wrong hair color as well).

I love this picture of me towering over big sis Mike, with the aid of two steps.

Claudia is showing off her newly made (on Christmas Eve with me as her instructor) wreath. She managed to fit in lots of crafts while visiting from St. Louis.

Peter is in the position I think of him most in; reclining.

His wife Maria got a little overexcited when she saw the mound of gifts that Santa brought for her.

Evan was in charge of all things fried. He made some salmon fritters for the Christmas day appetizer.

This old window pane was a gift from Pete and Maria that they found at the One Of A Kind Show. It will have to be mounted near some form of libation I am guessing.

Gordon's oldest sister Patty found this bridesmaid jumper (she wore in our wedding)while she was in the throws of moving in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They surprised me with Maggie donning it (without the top that went under it). What a surprise! I made it over 35 years ago

This was the ongoing addition to my one place setting a year (all different) to round out my pretty extensive collection. This happens to be a Kate Spade design.

I'm a freak for flowers and therefore ditto for vases. I love this one I got.

I received this wonderful metal wire bowl. It has my name written all over it.

Claudia wants to liven up our adventures and so gave me this girlfriends trip manual. I had better study up.

Receiving a pez dispenser is one thing but to combine with my favorite (pigs) and a keychain? What could be better!!!


Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family and it looks like you all know how to have fun! I love reading your blog-please keep it up!
Happy New Year

Mrs. Mel said...

Maggie looks great in that old bridesmaid dress and it makes the grade as festive, if you ask me, which you didn't. I'd wear it every Christmas.

teri springer said...

Great stuff (as always). Love the pez dispenser and the pig in the picture below. My sister also collects pigs as she lives on Pig Loop Rd.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to al of you!