Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Me and G

We have lots of snow. Lookie here at G, my anniversary boy, taking care of the ranch. Things can sure change in a minute around here; yesterday I was looking at my new yard art and today I can hardly see it. I guess this might put a cramp in the new construction that was just started. Around here tho' it can change in a minute.

Here's the gang at the Christmas formal last night. We had a great time and everyone was in fine spirits. We ate on filet and lobster and had a fantastic dessert of apples and crust and ice cream that I seem to still feel in my stomach. I ate way too much last night.
Now I have a story about my dress. I got a call from my friend Micky (in the picture she is separated by Laura from me). She said she was at a nearby store and I had to get over there because there were tons of 'Tommy' dresses. I take it she feels as tho' I have a style. So, far be it from me to dissapoint, I hightailed it right over there. Sure enough there were lots of fun dresses that I loved.

This particular one was my favorite and so I tried it on. When I was ready to take it off in the dressing room, it wouldn't budge. I went out into the store and asked first for Micky's assistance and then for a couple of clerks. No one could get the zipper down. They had to cut me out of the dress. Yeah, scissors and all. But I wanted the dress! Not to worry says the sales girl; we can get another. She looked on the computer and found 37 in my size and they were all damaged. So right now I am thinking that it must have been bad construction on the whole lot of them from the get go and not anything on my part. Phew!! I asked for a discount and they said that 10% was the normal discount. I was walking out of the store and they said, 'how about 50%'? I bought the dress and went the two blocks to a seamstress and had them put in another invisible zipper. That's my dress story. I suppose I could have saved a little more if I had done it myself but I hate to put in invisible zippers. It ended up being a bit snugger than before, due to having to take in the inch or more of burgandy velvet they had to eliminate due to the cut but I got it zipped up, which is all that's important. Breathing is secondary, right?

We are off to the big city in a bit to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary with the kids. Another big meal. I know what my New Year's resolution is gonna be this year!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and you and your dress are looking fabulous. If you lose an inch around the waist then all will be right again.

Your girlfriend Micky does know your tastes.

Anonymous said...

soooo cute, Miss Tommy and I think you look adorable. Happy Aniversary!