Friday, December 21, 2007

A House Is Not A Home

The houses were built

a couple weeks ago. I assembled them last week. I have been moving them around ever since waiting for the 'party'.

The adornments were arranged in a lovely and I might say quite stunning array.

The construction area was made ready for all the contractors.

The workers started to arrive. Check out Regina's outfit. Only Regina. And yes, that's a hat of a tree that she has on. I have a suspicion that you may see that again. There were houses for 17 but after regrets, we were down to 14. Frankly, we were pretty packed in. I would have had to change the site of work had all 25 that I invited have come. I was counting on the time of year to knock off some. (If you were one of those, sorry for that).

Everyone got their fill of all the appetizers that they brought and donned their aprons and hats to get ready to work.

Each elf got a basket that they could fill up as much as they wanted in an effort to get the top decorating price (frozen casserole).

Here they are at work

trying not to act like I have a big old camera in their face.

By secret ballot (although there were lots of houses that got one vote; could they be voting for themselves?) this winner (Laurel) got the most votes.
This was second runner up (June's) and just to show you that I was
working my tail off as the perfect hostess and couldn't really get into my house (hence, the minimalist look) I thought I would show you it anyway. I like the wreath (I stapled it into a circle but didn't tell anyone my secret.)

I told Micky this was not a good look for her but she insisted on looking this way for an embarrassing hour.

Here are the elves in all their glory, modeling their creations.

Some girls took theirs with them when I kicked them out and the remainder; trimmings and houses are heading to a few local nursing homes today. I will show you construction and some other goodies in a day or two but
Bella is extremely close to attacking this house and she needs to go to the groomer (twenty minutes ago) for her Christmas do. Later.


Marge said...

What a great Idea! I used to make gingerbread houses for a decorating party for my daughter and her friends. Having a party for my friends would be much more fun(for me). Thanks for the great idea!!

Diane said...

What a fun idea for a party! I'm especially impressed that you assembled all those houses beforehand...I never like that part. (I have a friend whose mom got so tired of struggling with the house every year that the dad made a WOODEN house, which they'd frost and decorate each year with candy...then after Christmas they'd hose it off, put it away, and use it next year!)
Thanks for the grand party idea. I especially love the hats!

dee said...

what fun! The houses turned out great but I'm having trouble getting past Regina's tree, although, green is her color. I may have to make one of those for a thing I've got to go to next week. It won't look as hot on mebut there will be lots of drinks so it won't matter.

Cindra said...

I think I have seen that whole outfit Regina has on... yep, it was on the Grinch who Stole Chrismtas ... the one with Jim Carrey.
You have such fun friends. And they are lucky to have you... look at all the work you did!!! Did you use frosting to build those houses? I'm going to huff and puff and snarf your house down!!! They all look great!