Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Human Form

Did you know that Hertz Car Rentals was just one of many areas of transportation that John Hertz was into? We are going into Chicago for an overnight and for some reason a yellow cab hopped into my mind and that made me think of an article I read in the Sunday paper. Hertz started the Yellow Cab Company as a place to make use of trade-ins from his car dealership in Chicago. He started with 7 cabs and today there are about 1700 Yellow Cabs in the city. Chicago also installed stop lights on Michigan Avenue after John Hertz fronted $34,000 to install them. Having nothing to do with Chicago but interesting nonetheless, Hertz owned two horses that won the Kentucky Derby. See, he was still in transportation. Has he rolled over in his grave thinking of O.J. running through airports with the Hertz name associated with him? I'm thinkin', yeah.

This is the weekend for the winter One Of A Kind Show in Chicago. I hate to miss it and even tho' the girls that I started out going with have scattered, I remain true to the show. Plus, you know how I love to shop.

There is also a WEDDING get-together. We are meeting with some components to make a couple decisions. As far as the wedding plans go, we have the major pieces in place. The florist, the band, the photographer and the places for the wedding and the reception. We will now get down to the nitty gritty although it is still very early to make the final decisions. But things are going splendidly. For those of you who have been asking and wondering, there you have it.

Wow, can I do this without a picture? Naw, I have to put one right here before I head out.
Here we have the latest purchase of mine. A JoAnn doorbuster for $89 that I just had to have. Now, only time will tell if I wasted $89. I have always wanted one of these anyway, if for no other reason than to hold my sweater when I am not wearing it. It just seems wrong to be in the sewing world and not have one. I did notice on Project Runway that their mannequins are nothing like mine. What do they know?


Cindra said...

Got to love Project Runway. The personalities are starting to emerge no matter how hard they are trying to hide them.

Mrs. Mel said...

The old Hertz estate was right across the street from my house in Cary. Now it is Trout Valley, but lots of buildings and stables remain from the estate.
Love the RED mannequin.

Jeri said...

Well, Tommy, if the sweater wearing mannequin thing doesn't work for you, I'll share with you what a neighbor does with hers. She has large picture windows on the front of her house which are impossible to drive by without looking into them. I've tried. Can't be done. Anyway, she places a wig on the top, and places the mannequin in different locations in her living room, and as you drive by, it sure looks like someone is standing near a window and you immediately look away. I think it should provide her a cut in her homeowners insurance, too, cuz that mannequin has got to be some kind of security guard, too!

Jeri said...

dang it Tommy, I want a mannequin too. I really do. I'd maybe make my fat self some cool clothes if I had one. Or not! :)

Anonymous said...

It — is improbable!