Saturday, December 22, 2007

Let Them Eat Cake

I wanted to follow the gingerbread theme and so I made a sheet pan of gingerbread and cut it into squares.

Eight of the squares I cut in half on the diagonal and with store bought frosting

I glued the roof onto the house. After putting a piece of licorice on the roof for a chimney, I dusted them with powdered sugar (snow).
The one thing I will say that there is a lot of waste in making this tho'. And I have to make a confession; Micky came over to give me this 'Things of Steel' Christmas tree and what was to be only seven more minutes for the cake to finish up cooking ended up being more like 20. While assembling them I did notice it was quite dry and so I added ice cream to camouflage the dryness. I didn't fool anyone but at least it was all eaten up and I didn't have to make it over.

I tried another idea I read about. It is making cake in the shape of Christmas trees

by pouring batter into a parchment lined waffle cone (with a hazelnut in the bottom) and balanced in a hole cut into a throw away aluminum casserole pan. The theory was great and the picture (can't remember where I saw it) of the finished trees, decorated with cream cheese frosting with a star tip

and balanced on small mini cupcakes attached with icing seemed simple enough.

Trust me, it's not. This is the only survivor and I was so pissed at him for surviving that he got tossed anyway!! The mess the falling cones made, both outside of the oven and inside, by tipping for no apparent reason made me crazy for two complete batches which should have harvested 24 trees and bases.
I may try this again but the problem lies in the holes made in the pans. They have to be the perfect size to balance these cones and it's virtually impossible. Plus, I cringe every time I cut through the foil. It makes my teeth hurt to 'feel' that sound. The cones would not stay upright; bottom line. If one of our engineer husbands can figure out how to do this, it may be my new money maker!!!


Anonymous said...

Would the holes in any of your wire cooling racks be a better size for holding the cones? If they can go in the oven??

Karen said...

I am sure you saw it on "Martha"...look here:

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh, I was just going to suggest that you get in touch with Martha! Tommy, you need your own direct line to her. Better still, I think you two would make a splendid team.

Cindra said...

Knowing you, Tommy, you will figure out a way to get it done and it will be much better, faster and easier than Martha could ever do!

Rosy said...
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Rosy said...

I have a great muffing pan where the pans can be removed and a nice wire rack remains and would be perfect for your trees. The pan comes from Europe and I got it at Macy's. You could search Ebay?

Anonymous said...

If you would team up with Martha, maybe my miserable MSO stock would flourish!