Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Let's Go Shopping

I've noticed a new trend at certain places that I frequent. This trend is couches and chairs and

places to flop down on while shopping. I have seen it before, don't get me wrong, but two places in particular, the Merchandise Mart and 900 North both have taken what was before a massive lobby of sorts, into a place of gathering. I think the idea is grand. I personally like to see a chair or two when shopping with G so that he can 'rest' while I am looking. In particular I like these
dividers that the Mart is using to separate these little cosy little 'living rooms'. Anything to make the shoppers happy and get them to open up their wallets more!!!

Speaking of spending money, let's get back to the One Of A Kind Show. I am gonna just show you some of the pics I took. I have some good ones as I took my 35 mm camera with me, knowing that I have G to tote anything else.
I fell in love with this painting. The 'mother' figure looks like it is realistic where the superimposed baby is cartoonish. I immediately thought of mother and child but I don't know what the artist had in mind.
These clocks are made from paper mache' and they are dogs mostly. By the time I got there, the Bichon was gone but I got a card to check out the website if I ever feel the need. It was a very popular spot.
These are tapestries (I think) and I took the pic because they remind me of Nancy Crow's recent work .
I wanted to tear this shawl off the stand and call it my own. The price made me leave it where it was!!
In case you are in the market for a dress made out of all natural products (literally!!), here we have one. Kinda reminds me of Ashton Scarlett on PR a couple years back and his grocery store dress.
These ties are not Jerry Garcia but they do remind me of them. Maggie may have purchased one of these for her dad. It's a good thing he doesn't read this or he would know what he is getting for Christmas!!
I just loved this painting. It reminds me of someone's work but it escapes me at the moment.
Purses out of books and magazines are always a popular booth but have you actually seen anyone carry one of these things around?
These works just make me smile. They actually had some of these that kids (or me) could change the faces on; kinda like Mr. Potato Head.
I like this planter. A couple years ago both me and Frieda bought a sculpture from this guy and it was completely different. I love when they come with different works and not the same ole' same ole'. That's what makes us coming back, year after year. Like me.


Cindra said...

Where is this show? It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Before I rush out the door I must say that I'm glad you left the shawl because unless you want to do a look-alike with Mz Bella, shaggy shawl? Nawwwww.

dee said...

I loved when you showed the stuff from this show last year. What a great and fun experience. Love any place that has seating for tired feet and back. I don't have G to carry stuff-Oh my aching back and tootsies. The purses are cute but I can't seriously see anyone carrying them. Kinda funky, No???? Maybe very young girls though..hmmm just talking to myself-carry on

Anonymous said...

Fun, Fun and so great!!!!