Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Make It Work

I thought that just for the heck of it, I just may show some quilting/sewing, seeing as how I started this blog with my profession in mind and I am affiliated with a quilting web ring.
Actually what I am showing you isn't quilting really. In preparing one of my Christmas gifts, I realized that the fabric I chose for lettering (chosen due to the color) was going to be a bear to attach to the base fabric due to it's lack of body. In other words, it's very thin. I found a way around it. In following the procedure I did, you can have perfectly machine appliqued results.

This is the finished product. I arrived at it by always placing paper (in this case I used velum)on the underside.

Here's what it looks like after it is sewn. It makes it much more stable. Because
this fabric is so thin, pinning it down to sew and through paper as well wasn't an option. This is for a baby and therefore using a permanent stabilizer (like Wonder Under) wasn't an option either. Then I remember buying this glue that my mom told me about.

This is the tube. It makes micro dots of glue by its very thin applicator. It worked

perfectly. The fabric didn't move a drop. One thing about using this glue tho' is that you have to make sure that you clean the applicator after using it or the first time you use it will be your last.

Bella definitely likes to sit high. Now she likes to be on the kitchen counter while I am cooking/baking. Yesterday I caught her lying on the dining room table because a chair was pulled out, making the mount do-able for her. She likes to be on a throne!!

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Irene said...

Why shouldn't she be on a throne - she's a true princess!
Merry Christmas Tommy and thanks for giving me a smile every day when I read your blog.