Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To All

This is all that remains of a very large spiral ham that was literally frozen on Friday. We have had it for lunch and dinner and
I'm guessing that most of us, like me, couldn't put on our rings to save our life. Oh, on second thought, G did put some slices away for Christmas morning breakfast. Phew ! I feel better already.

Here's my brother Bill cutting out cookies as fast as his little wife can decorate

them. Now he has changed gears and gone for the paint brush and some ornaments.
This is interesting for him because he is color blind and has to ask what the colors are.
Everyone pitched in at the painting table and decorated some ornaments. That is, those of us who

aren't wrestling with the bird that we are having for dinner. It took exactly 47 minutes to cook from start to finish.
G is holding onto it like it's a small child.
Here is the finished product. We had it with stuffing, gravy, potatoes, a salad and mushroom bread. The only thing missing was cranberries to make it the perfect Thanksgiving dinner (be it a month late!)

Today we will finish up some last minute wrapping and cooking and then head over the river and through the woods to my sister in laws for the annual Fitzsimmons clan Christmas get together. It's always fun.

Merry Christmas everyone and enjoy your friends and family. I hope Santa brings you everything you want!!!!

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Cindra said...

Looks like you are in full force holiday mode~
Have a great one, Tommy and all your family and friends, too!