Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The headache I had? I now know why. Dry heat. The humidifier was totally off and this house is so dry that half my skin was in the trouser socks I sported on Sunday. One of the many worker guys that were here showed me how to operate the thing and he said that the morning headache should be a thing of the past.

I have got to tell you about a restaurant we went to last Saturday nite. The name of it is MOTO and it is like nothing you have ever gone to. It is futuristic food; literally. I saw this restaurant on the Food Network on a segment about outlandish restaurants and of course, I had to see for myself. The menu comes on a plate with sauces on the side and after reading it (complete with our name printed on the bottom) you eat it!!! Yep, you eat it. And it was yummy. Maggie made the reservations and they asked for food allergies etc due to the fact that you don't get to pick what you eat, but rather you can choose how many courses you can have. There is a five, ten and twenty course. We took the medium road and had ten. I could try and explain what actually went on but it is easier if you go to this website, http://www.motorestaurant.com/flash/index.html
and watch the reviews on various tv shows. It does a much better job than I could at explanation.

I took my camera, thinking that a place with such wild food would be blog worthy but they have a policy of no photographs. I did manage to get the sign on the sidewalk of the name (cauz' they can't stop me from doing that!) and if you look closely in the back of the picture you will see another sign that reads, OTOM, that recently opened. It is MOTO spelled backwards and although owned by the same guy, I don't think they are like each other at all. Here's OTOM's website http://www.otomrestaurant.com/

Oh, one of our desserts looked like a chili dog but was in reality a ice cream sundae. The dog part itself was cranberry sorbet and none of us liked it as it was way too bitter. And except for the $$$ of the place, that was my only complaint.

Micky came over yesterday morning, kinda with a vengeance, and said that she had a gift for me but if I did

not want to wear it, that she would understand. Okay now, a bichon with a Santa hat? Who wouldn't like that? I vowed to wear it every day until Christmas. I love it!!!

Last night was craft class for the oft times awkward group. Actually, we have here three teachers, a principal and a nurse. They were anxious to get to making their Christmas ball wreath.I threw a bowl of edamame on the table, gave them some wine (isn't that what all good teachers do?) and told them to get crackin'.
The three gals from academia chose all the same Christmas color scheme and bought their balls (plastic and you can't even tell) jointly but unfortunately the speedier of the pupils got all the good balls
and those remedial (not saying a name, that's for sure) got the little balls (but then I think that's pretty common). Anyway, there isn't a finished wreath among my students. They need more ornaments and in all actuality, it's probably my fault because I told them what to purchase but they got all smaller than I did which means you need more. It was, anyway, a good time to be had by all. The students did a fine job and I am proud to
show their work. This masterpiece was all done with very small balls and so this most excellent student needs to go shopping before she can complete it. Love the colors, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

We all had a fabulous time and am wondering if I was the LD crafter?