Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy Bee

Please don't worry if I don't blog. If something was really wrong, I would, or would have someone else post something. My dilemma today was something that I have not mentioned up until now; mostly because I feel like I am always up to something and sometimes I would just like to vege (ain't happenin') and not have my hands into five fires. I am doing a bit of work on the house; namely, I am expanding my 11 foot wide studio into twice it's size. On top of that (literally), I am putting bedroom #5with a bath so that one couple (at my house it's first come first serve) will not have to be in the laundry room on an air bed on big family days. I am starting, with the long awaited permit, the addition. The problem today was that the wall that is to be extended for the addition houses all the utilities, their meters, and their prime hookups. Before I could even get a fecal sample to the vet, the gas company, water, electric and cable were all wanting in and around and whatever they had to do to get the whole system moved about 8 feet to clear the addition footprint temporarily, only to go back in the same position on the new, extended wall. No utilities means no electricity, no gas, no computer, no phones, no lights; you get the picture.
Bella has had the trots since Monday with no let-up so yesterday morning her poop was tested for parasites. None- Nada. So, I kept the afternoon appointment and they said she had a bunch of bacteria in her stomach (eating garbage scraped off the street with her teeth, Maybe?) and so they gave her a shot, amoxicillin, and some gel that you give her orally two cc's twice a day. To her burger and rice, a 1/2 t. of natural plain yogurt is to be added (back to fighting bacteria). Then, we are to watch the consistency of her stool; OKAY, that's what we have been focusing on for five days; I can do this. She got us up five times last night to take her out. Having said this, my dear old housekeeper came to take Bella for the weekend and I explained all of the last week of Bella's life to her and her new meds and she said, ' hey, I had two kids; I can handle this !!'

So, because we have our yearly Christmas formal tomorrow and we are heading into the city for a celebration with the kids for our 35th anniversary, we decided to let her have our sweet little poopin' princess. She was happy to have her.

Side line: I took back the bad printer and got a bigger and way better one, a HP 7200. I haven't had time to do anything but hook it up but one major cool thing is

the amount of different specific colors it has. I did the math and having more single colors doesn't cost anymore. I will have to test it out in the near future.

Totally having nothing to do with what I have been discussing, I have to show you my new yard art. It is steel (not solid) that is treated with that stuff that makes it rust. It is as tall as me and although the worker's have said they like it, they say it will probably be in the way and will have to go into the garage. Well, I will look out my computer desk window at it for a couple days anyway. The center ball actually can swing, but as yet the wind isn't big enough. That's it for now.


Cindra said...

Poopin dogs, Construction workers, naughty printers and a swinging ball in a new art work. I think you could add a few things and work that into a song... something like a partridge in a pear tree.

Good luck to you on all this!

Anonymous said...

Yard art, neat. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tommy, i have been frequenting your site quite regularly now and find i am enjoying it more each time. you have an eye for the original - that new garden art piece - gorgeous!

Sherrill, Montreal