Sunday, December 02, 2007

Re Gifting

Last year I tried to give a gift or two that would keep on giving (yeah, like the Everyready Bunny). I gave specific people 10 gift cards of various monetary amounts as their Christmas gift and they were to give them to people for different acts of kindness. I was to be told who they gave the gift card to and why. The last niece sent me her list yesterday. Here it is.

Hi Aunt Tommy,
Here is my list of people the I gave the gift cards to. I gave the last one out last night.

Feb 07
Was very nice to an old lady and old man.
Mar 07
Spanish Teacher
Nice and patient teaching me at my Saturday Spanish class .
Mar 07
Was nice to a little boy who spilled his milk all over the table and floor.
April 07
Mr. Z – My CCD Teacher
He volunteers his time every Sunday morning for 1 ½ hrs to teach CCD.
April 07
Mr. B – My CCD Teacher
He volunteers his time every Sunday morning for 1 ½ hrs to teach CCD.
May 07
Mr. H – my math Tutor
He tutors me free of charge to help me with my math.
June 07
Helped a lady with her runaway cart at the grocery store.
August 07
Held a baby for a lady so she could go to the bathroom at a rest stop
September 07
Man at the zoo
Ran to get a little girl who got away from her mom.
November 07
Man at Kmart
Helped an older lady get her new Christmas tree in her car.

You are the greatest Aunt a girl could ask for. Love, your niece.

This was pretty much what I wanted to see in this little assignment. The only thing that I do not approve of and it was specifically pointed out in my rules for distribution that the cards were not to be given to friends, classmates or teachers. There are several teachers that received a gift card, even if they weren't primary teachers. They are still teachers. She did a fine job and I am very proud of her.

I always have a gift card or two on me for random acts of kindness.

Oh, and I added the greatest Aunt line. I am sure she meant to put it in and just forgot.


Dale Anne said...

I just LOVE this idea!!!
THANKS for posting about it Tommy.

zquilts said...

s one of the coolest ideas I have ever heard of. Thanks so much for posting. VERY COOL!

Anonymous said...

I think she did ok giving them to her teachers cause they were volunteer teachers, not paid ones. She's a sweet girl to notice things like she did and rewarding people who didn't expect a reward for the small gestures they made.

Anonymous said...

Nice idea and as usual, you are a 'riot'!

Lyn said...

LOVE it, may I borrow it for my nieces and nephews... of course she was SO excited about her good deeds that she didn't include the exclamation of your greatness! Which reminds me, each time I see our great-niece I remind her I am her GREAT Aunt...

Laura Christensen said...

wonderful, generous idea. I may use it for our grown children. They will get some small goodies, but we are all so blessed and already have so much. This has a real feeling of Christmas, and it lasts all year.
Way to go Tommy! another wonderful posting-see why I read you first!

Cindra said...

What a wonderful idea! Such a great gift to your niece. Makes people look at the world differently. You are the best, Tommy!