Saturday, December 01, 2007

Seeing Pink

True to my word, I dumped Bella at doggie daycare and headed out to shop. I had previously got names and sizes of kids that needed stuff and off I went to provide. Literally, when my trunk was full (after six hours) I headed for home. Now the living room/dining room are filled but I have the weekend to deal with that.

I got this email about a pink dolphin and was a bit suspicious until I read about it and now thought I would share with you. (Well, that clearly wasn't the best segue I have ever seen!!)

This rare find is probably a young dolphin as it is right next to a female (mom) and is considerably smaller in size. "Pinky" was spotted this past June by guests on a charter fishing boat on Calcasieu Lake, south of Lake Charles, LA.

The color of this albino calf is likely produced by blood vessels underneath a relatively thin layer of blubber that would ordinarily be masked by a typical dolphin's grey color.

This is only the third time a pink dolphin was spotted in the Gulf of Mexico and the 14th time anywhere in the world. The first one ever spotted was in 1962.

I have a personal theory about this. 1962 is a relatively short time span to have spotted the first pink dolphin, wouldn't you think? So, my guess is that there is something different in the environment that would cause this because otherwise, surely there would have been one spotted before. Even if there weren't cameras there would have been talk of sightings, right? Just a thought.

By the way, the gingerbread party is a go. I will, of course, keep you posted, but the plans are well on the way. It's the first day of December and now I feel the holiday spirit!!!!

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teri springer said...

Weird- after I read your blog I had switched to HGTV and, on "Any Given Latitude" they are doing a story on Singapore and one place they showed, "Dolphin Lagoon" has several pink dolphins (different species tho- not bottlenose).