Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Staples - The Easy Button

It's always a major shock to wake up to the first snow of the season; especially if it is really noticable. Bella will get a big kick out of this. Yes, the little darling is still sleeping.

Last night, when the snow started falling, she kept wanting to go outside, just like a little kid. She would lick the steps and then go over to the potted evergreens and knock some snow off of it and eat it.

By the time that I got my camera and found her, playtime was up. But now you know what she looks like when she pees. I was trying to think back on last December and realize that she was way to much of a baby to even know what was going on. She was only three months old at this time last year.

Last night I was making salmon and the snow had just started falling and G asked if I wanted him to turn on the grill (outside). I said that I would cook it in the oven and proceeded to wrap the salmon in parchment paper like I have done for the hundredth time and had the same old problem that I always do; the paper not keeping it's rolled closing closed. That really stinks because then it makes what is an effortless 15 minutes of clean cooking, a leaky mess. So I thought for a minute, went into the office, and emerged with the stapler.
Hell, it's not as if it's going into a microwave or anything. It seemed to be a bit off the wall but it
really did the trick and saved me (ha ha ha - I meant G) cleaning up a messy sheet pan. Shall a stapler be a new kitchen gadget?


Anonymous said...

The salmon looks so good! Those appear to be lemon slices, but what else did you do to the salmon before stapling it in the parchment paper and how long did you cook it?
Deb from NC

Laura Christensen said...

I too would love your salmon recipe, please share!
It is spitting snow right now way down here in KY!
I hope we don't get what you did, we are NOT good at dealing with it. thanks for the recipe!

Betty in VA said...

Would love the salmon recipe, too.