Thursday, December 27, 2007

Things You Need To Know

I'm off again today for my quarterly cancer checkup. It's always an all day thing. Bella will be in Doggie DayCare for the day. Yesterday it was a day of rest for her due to the fact that she terrorizes her little (stumpy) cousin Bea the bichon. I try to take her for a day a week so she is well adjusted with other dogs but sometimes I don't get her there.

Speaking of Bella, here is her gift to Gordon.

It's an oil painting of her on an oil painting of the beach. It is to go in G's office.

This is the back which has the original picture that the painting was done from and a brochure of the artist who did it. It was done by Laura Richardson who just happens to be her dog trainer/babysitter also. She is indeed a woman of many talents.

Here we see Claudia shamelessly posing in front of the largest bra in the world. She insisted on getting into the cleve of things; that knucklehead.

There was a bit of glare from the outside looking in but this inside shot gives you a much nicer view of the bolder holder.

And this picture of my brother holding a blue heart with a hole in it has some significance. For the 'Five Days Of Christmas' (as we like to call it) he told everyone who would listen that he just found out that he has a hole in his heart. This happens to be true and we are all concerned, of course, but hearing it Ad nauseam seems to take some of the concern out of it. Needless to say, he definitely needed a remembrance of the annoyance he caused. In the secrecy of my studio I whipped him up a memento. Claudia picked the color. She said something about a cold heart? Haha.

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dee said...

That photo of Bella looks mighty familiar to me. Lovely gift to G.
Hope all goes well with your brother. Your story reminds me of my husband-everyone we know has instructions not ask him how he is. If they do-they get no sympathy from me for the hour and a half of descriptive conversation they will most likely get Can you say Hypochondria?
Your bro, on the other hand, has a reason to bitch and moan. Holey Hearts Batman!!