Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This and That

Okay, it appears that this is up and running now. I just got home and thought I would try again. I want to show you this card that Maggie made for us.

This was on the envelope. It is a picture of me and G showing off our bowling shirts that I had made for some costume party that I can't remember the theme of now. At the time I had a store with my sister that was called Mostly Monograms. It was back 20 years ago when personalizing everything was the rage and before the same kind of store started opening up in lots of malls. G had a mustache then and I had red hair (and a perm!). If I have any hair that isn't grey it would be red because that is my natural color.

This was the front of the card. That's the parents with us and all my my mother are no longer with us.

The inside had all sorts of pics of us. She came to the house when we were in Florida to get the pictures and I said when she told me this, ' well, I hope you took some food home with you!' Maggie said she did but not so much that I could tell. After my own heart, that she is. The card was precious and we both love it.

Enough about me (at least for a minute); I have to show you what I got in the mail this weekend. This is Micky's Christmas card and it had the spreader in the envelope. Notice that the very same spreader is on the front of the card. It's hard to read but it says, Spreading some Holiday Cheer for a bright and happy New Year. Very clever. I wish I had thought of it!!

And last but not least is a picture my sister sent me of her pillows she gets from me every year. I don't think I have ever seen them all together like that before. And if memory serves me right, they are in order, starting at the top right and following through to the bottom right. Did I really do all these?


Anonymous said...

I always thought that Maggie looked like her Dad, but NOooo. Looking at these pictures when you were younger, she is the carved out image of her Mom.

I think you both got better looking with the years...LOL..

Christine Thresh said...

What a lovely card. Touching. Happy Anniversary.

I think the spreader card is very clever, too.

dee said...

what a lovely card. that's a pretty cool pic of your pillows all together. great gift.