Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'll Try Later

This is pretty funny.  I could not access the internet yesterday after I got home from the city.  Also, I have been up and trying feverishly to access the internet because I have to be out of here early and don't want to miss two days of blogging.  Anyway, so I am sitting here after unsuccessful attempts and see that some program is opened that is for my new printer.  I click on it and realize that probably since Sunday this program was accessing the internet and my computer would not allow access but was asking me; hence, no access.  I wonder how many times in the past that I have whined and complained about no access and it was a stupid reason like this!!!  I am contrite right now.Well, I spoke too soon.  Even though it looks like this will go through, my pictures are not being downloaded.  I have to have them to explain.  I will wait until later if this last time I am gonna try doesn't work.  I have an appointment this morning that I have to make on time.


dee said...

A belated Happy Anniversary Tommy! I'm swamped myself so I just don't get a lot of time to read blogs. Looking forward to the January doldrums.

Cindra said...

It's the stress of the holiday bustle. Relax and breathe... and have some whine... ooops.. I meant wine.