Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wear Your Sunscreen!!!!

I am very late this morning because I was busy in the kitchen and just now stopped. I have someone here to clean and therefore wanted to make as big a mess as I could and still not have to clean it up myself. I can trash the kitchen in record time.

I was changing my dressing on my leg awhile back (and was doing it yesterday too and remembered) and it was as tho' a light bulb went off in my brain. and it was like a rude awakening. All the lip that my dermatologists have told me that my skin cancer is from adolescence is not necessarily true. I have now six cuts on my body and all but one has a reason for where it is located on my body. That one could possibly be from adolescence; the others -not. Two of the spots on my legs (exactly the same location on both) are at the top of my sock line. Another is at the bottom of the spandex that I run in and the other two are at the edge of the top that I wear to run. It just doesn't seem possible that they just so happened to be there now when the problem originated in childhood.

I am going on and on about this because I am quite sure I could have been scar free or close to it if I had been as diligent way back when as I am now with the sun screen. Don't get me wrong, I have used it since it originated but not all the time or everywhere. I would run early in the morning in the summer to avoid sunscreen (it always sweated off and into my eye). If it were cloudy I never wore it (big mistake) and never wore it on my legs. I never seemed to get color on my legs and so thought the sun wasn't hitting them. What was I thinking? If it wasn't hot or summer I didn't wear it. If I wasn't going to be out long I didn't bother. And I would run almost daily (ahhh; to be young again) for an hour or two for many years.

This is a heads up, mostly for people like my daughter, who is fanatical about sunscreen except for, (thanks to me) her legs. Her theory was the same as mine; she doesn't get color on her legs so they are oblivious to the sun and therefore skin cancer. All this sun cancer that we are now dealing with is not necessarily from pre sunscreen. So, take my advise and lather it on.


Cosmos said...

Thank you for the reminder. I, too, never apply sunscreen on my pale, pale legs. I will now!

Anonymous said...

No comments 'cause you aren't stuuupid right?