Thursday, December 13, 2007

What A Day!

My day already seems like it's half over. We were up five times in the night because Miss Bella has the trots. She is wonderful about it; she gets frantic and wakes us up and we take her out. She got her shots (rabies and the D one) on Monday and since it started then, we figured she was having an adverse effect from them. Well three days later, it's getting pretty old. So after a call to the doctor, they suggested ground beef and rice so I was literally in the parking lot waiting for the store to open at 7. She now has that all digested but it has totally screwed up my day.
My plan was to take her to Doggie Daycare and I would meet my girlfriend Jayne in the burbs for a ladies lunch and some shopping before I headed over to my Christmas Potluck at my guild. I really can't see putting my sweet girl into daycare when she is under the weather so I am pretty much screwed.
If that wasn't enough, I bought a printer yesterday because my printer wasn't working properly. If something was to be green, it was for the first 1/2 and then changed to blue. $76 bucks later of changing the color cartridges (TWICE!!! Idiot!) I decided to scrap it. Installing the new printer is not an easy task. The desk I have my computer system in is not movable. There is no pulling it out and back as I have clearance of 1/2 inch. So, in feeding the wires into the back down to the power is no easy task. It involves taping cords onto wires and rulers; you get the picture. So imagine my shock when I printed my first picture to fine lines all the way through the pic. After doing this four times I went out into the garage garbage can and took out the new trash that was over the innards of the printer box, trying to salvage any scrap of the original packaging. Yikes ! I just want to go back to bed!!

And having made these cakes (in, can you believe it? Dollar store cake savers!) should make me feel better, ya know, comfort food, but they are long gone to G's work and already eaten up. Is it too early in the day for a shot of Baileys?


dee said...

No, it's not, and maybe knock back a valium with it...
(just kidding-before we get a lecture)
Our computer set-up sounds like yours. I dred when something isn't working. You have back spasms from trying to reach everything.
Hope Belly is much better soon-you too!

Cindra said...

It is never too early for a shot of Baileys. Did you try cleaning the printer and aligning it? Sometimes you have to do that on new setups.

Anonymous said...

Being a total non-techie, reading your account of the printer was giving me heart palpitations! And poor Bella.

I hope you didn't have to miss your outings. I think Baileys can sometimes be considered a breakfast food, so go for it:)

Del said...

No post today? I hope Bella is okay.