Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Kind of Rapper

When I mentioned last week that I was shopping like there was no tomorrow, I wasn't joking. I vowed that when I left Florida that I would dedicate myself to others (ha ha ha) to the extent that I would forgo exercising until after the holidays. I have kept to my word but yesterday I almost folded and went to the gym. It's not a guilt thing with me. It's just that some sort of cardio and weight training is such a part of my life that it's okay for a while to take a hiatus but then it feels like I am missing something. But then, I look out at the wind howling and the grey sky and I get over it.

After emptying all my bags for the needy kids and purchasing all the boxes that the dollar store had to offer,

I got to work and the piles were marked for the individual kids and ready for some wrapping paper, a label and a pretty little bow. I fully planned on wrapping all these gifts but then I thought that I hadn't seen the kids since I have been home and it would be a fun family thing to do together. Busy schedules (theirs, not mine) nixed that idea. So, with scissor in hand I started to cut paper all the same size for the major two sizes of boxes I bought. I thought that having the paper cut to the exact size would cut down on the wrapping time considerably. Then I ran into friends; first at one place, and then another. Pretty soon, with a promise to feed them lunch, I had three Santa's helpers ready to make haste and wrap their little hearts out.

Coming over at close to 1pm, Ellie, June and Mary Frances wrapped, quickly using up all the precut (great idea, Tommy!) in no time flat. Then I fed them a hearty lunch of chili (it was cold and rainy outside) and turkey and swiss panini. They were refueled and ready to get back to work, along the way comparing each others work. These rows of boxes them came to me and I adorned them with bows and ribbons and tagged each box. That was when I got to scrutinize their wrapping abilities. I found no complaints myself, but just between you and I, they were a bit competitive with each other.
They were competitive enough to the extent that this Santa's Helper felt the need to pose with each and every box she wrapped. I may want to rethink this helper next year!!!! She looks like she would serve better on the Price Is Right!


Christine Thresh said...

This looks like a major effort. Do you buy presents for needy kids every year? Are you working with some sort of organization?

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing! Do you have specific names of children, or a group you are donating to?


Anonymous said...

Tommy, you are one cool lady. You are a very accomplished artist, quilting and crafting. You do cool things, (would love to be on the pillow list), have a great sense of humor, you have a zen for living life completely, and you are always doing and helping others. I wish you well. JS