Monday, April 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am home (since yesterday) and it is beautiful. The weather is perfect to me; just barely warm, but sunny and blooming and most importantly of all, no bugs biting me.

Bella is a wonderful traveler. She comes in and out of her kennel whenever she feels like it and doesn't get bored (like I do) in the car. We had little or no bad traffic, save for the congestion in Atlanta, but then, it's always there. It is the closest in traffic pattern to Chicago of any place that we pass through. We had to stop at two Hobby Lobby's for my fix (there aren't any in southern Florida) and and anyway I had to go for some ribbon I am collecting (it was 50% off) for the wedding. The biggest thing we have to deal with in driving home is where to eat (takes up half the time) and whether the stuff packed in the car is shifting all over the place, and causing breakage or damage.
While idling my time away in the passenger seat, I knitted the back and the front of this sweater. This is what my back looks like when I am adding colors. This is also the reason that I tend to make solid color things. I know you are supposed to make those little cards of color but it always seems to be such a time waster. Looking at this, I am thinking that maybe it's not.

The worst part of arriving back home is finding a spot for all the crap I brought with me. That is my plan of attack today. It's good to be home.

Friday, April 27, 2007


There's a hotel in South Beach that G took me to for my 45th birthday. It's called the Delano and it had just been totally redone and one of the owners (at least at the time) was Madonna. She actually lived in Maimi at the time. It was very contemporary and very she-she. It is still that way only now that South Beach is so 'in', it is totally out of my price range for staying there.
When we were there the rooms were all white, meaning all the linens (and I do mean linen) were the highest quality and the pillows and duvet were down. There were very unique things about it. I remember being very impressed that the window sheers were on a track in the ceiling that was recessed. So, when the drywall was done, it had to be done around this inside track. Lots of money for a feature that everyone wouldn't even notice. In the foyer as you come and go from the rooms there was a little tiny shelf, just large enough to hold a perfect granny smith apple and a plack under it said simply, 'an apple a day'.

Anyway, while there I checked out the lobby and grounds for you.

This is what you see as you exit a restaurant onto the beach front side of the hotel. Cool trees, eh?
This is a life sized chess set. Each piece was as big as a child. On the sides of this grassy area were these private chambers, for food and drink and a little conversation. I would hate to mess up the pillows!
Just beyond the grassy knoll was an infinity pool. If you look to the end of the pool and see the palm trees, you are in the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach that lies just beyond.

These pictures are from the last time we were there. When we went back to show Regina this time, we got as far as the steps out from the restaurant and were asked if we were guests and with an 'nay' we were asked to leave. Way to hoity toity for moi.

We are heading north as soon as little Bella is done getting her hair done. It's supposed to be getting warm there next week; just in time for me to settle in. Yeah!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Idol Gives Back

When I saw that Idol was two hours long and all they had to do is eliminate one of the remaining six contestants, I chose to not watch it and watch the Iron Chef that I tevo'd from Sunday. After all, all the stuff on my tevo that I haven't watched will be of little concern to me when I am in Indiana and the tv is in my studio in Florida. Needless to say, in the last week I have watched all but the last episode of 24 (which I believe airs on Monday). I had a brain fart last week and realized that I was saving them up to watch all together (kinda like I bought the DVD) but in going home I would have to download them all to a VHS and I was WAY to lazy for that. And there is a big difference watching the tevo'd ones and a purchased DVD. Commercials. Yuck. And frankly, ya know that Jack is gonna make it through (and so apparently is Audrey). It's pretty silly when you see it all together. It's much better when you have a week in between to forget the sheer laughable stuff (when all the time it's supposed to be serious).

Oh, I forgot Audrey's name so I called Regina and there went an hour out of my precious last few in Florida. But I will once again get back to what I was alluding to in my very first line. Although I like to be entertained rather than to be brainwashed for some charity, I was humbled by what Idol actually accomplished in their humanitarian efforts. With such a mega venue of supporters, why not use it for collecting money for reputable needy causes. I jumped in randomly to watch during Iron Chef commercials and saw Eric who played Will on 'Will and Grace' and he said (and I quote HIS words); " If every person that ever voted for Sanjaya gave just one dollar, we could do so much more". And I laughed out loud.

I know this is kinda rambling but this has taken more time than I wanted and I just don't have it in me to make it more cohesive. Please excuse me; my humble apologies.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Winding Down

We are heading home on Friday and we kinda went into frenzy stage. All the things I can do here and not at home are becoming vitally important. For me, rollerblading; for Bella, she goes crazy if anyone or anything comes into the back yard by the studio. At home, the house is high on a bit of a dune and she won't be able to see anything out the windows except for the sky. Same with the front of the house. Here we have side windows but at home we don't. If I know G he will want to rework the front of the house at home so Bella can see out.

Here she is barking her head off at a White Ibis that had the gall to enter her property. She can also spend literally a half hour howling at a gecko.
And after all that, she needs to get down and get some shut eye. Check out the proximity to my needle that her feet are.

I called the dentist for my cleaning, I scheduled my yearly mammogram and I made a dermo appointment as well as a visit to my salon of choice for a hair cut. All those things will happen in May.

I am heading out today to have a final Florida visit with my mom. I will see her again in less than a month at Peter's wedding but I still like to say adios for this season. Maybe lunch out would be nice. That thought makes me hungry.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hooking Up With Old Friends

While I was in South Beach I met up with an old flame of mine. I contacted him that I was coming and much to G's dismay, I made a date.
Dave and I go way back. I almost married him at one time but decided that all my kids would have red hair and that would never do. We have remained very close (and I do mean close, if you get my drift). He is currently doing some show that is based in Florida and even asked me if I wanted to play his girlfriend in a few episodes. As I told him, I will tell you, I just don't like local tv at all. It was good to see him tho'. He wants to come up north for a visit this summer. I am still deciding if I want him to; what with my busy schedule, the wedding and my Six Hole Golf Group.
He enjoyed hanging with the girls. He says he doesn't get out much and it was nice to hook up with an old flame. I tried to get rid of him after awhile, as he was getting to be a bit of a bore, talking about us getting back together. He tries and tries but I told him that I am in it for the long hall with G. He was saddened but as is his usual way, he remained a gentleman up until he left. I almost don't like to see him as often as I do because it's the same ole thing over and over. He always wants me back.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

We Had Our Sunglasses On

We got to Miami Beach with nary a scratch and immediately went into Thelma and Louise character. We never did decide who was Thelma and who was Louise and who just didn't belong in this picture at all.
While having an ice tea (if you believe that I have some land to sell you) at a popular pool hang out (upscale place; unfortunately NOT the one we were staying at). We had a good look at this guy getting a massage. There wasn't a body part that we did not see, it's just that this is a 'G' blog, ya know. It was better than going to the movies!!
We got all tuckered out and stopped on the veranda for some much needed down time.
And then we posed with our newly acquired hats. Oh, well, no, I guess that this is what we would have liked to look like.
This is what we actually looked like. We also have with us Carin and Judy, friends we spent the evening with.

We had some yummy chocolate strawberries.
We ate lots of food on sticks.
We had our fill of mac and cheese.
We saw the night sights while strolling around all the hot spots in South Beach.
There were all sorts of mimes and cool bands and great people watching. Except for the prom goers that were staying in the same seedy hotel that we were in, we had an exceptional time. Those young'ens were up until 6 am. Wow, they have some endurance.

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Traveling Companion

I am heading across the state to South Beach for my last visit and to pick up my dress for the wedding. I have my shoes and it will be hemmed while I am there. I am meeting up with my college roommate (circa 1968-1969) Maggie and going with me for the Thelma and Louise trip across Alligator Alley is none other than my darling gal Genie. She came down from Clearwater this afternoon and we had already decided to attempt her making a shawl with my method that I showed on the April 13th blog. She called me from a store to get just the right yarn (there is no such animal) but anyway we gave it a college try.
I tossed Bella one of my headbands to keep her company. It was a red leather number (that had seen it's last day) and I 'think' you can see a bit of the red remaining. If it keeps her away from me for a nano second, I am willing to toss it to my little four legged angel.
When Genie got to my house she decided to sneak around the house to try to scare me. Bella and I were calm and collected as we saw this wacko lady tiptoe in front of our window with a flower in her hair that looked suspiciously like the hibiscis from my side yard. She had actually tried to disguise herself with her foster grants, but I caught on very quickly. She quickly chugged several vats of wine (to catch up with me) and then I put her to work getting the water soluable stabilizer ready for her shawl.
She took to the work very easily. I snuck away after I put her to work to take a nap.

Before we got very far in our work we came to a couple problems. Regina kept kissing me and I think she may have a bit of a mustache. What do you guys think? Is that a hairy top lip or just creepy skin that is all wrinkly and bluish? Oh dear, I hope she doesn't read this before she get's me safely across the state!!!!

I am not taking my computer because I have found that I can't normally go on line easily when traveling and therefore I have eliminating the very pissed off ness that I go through when I try. I will only be gone for one night so that will work out splendidly. You won't be bored silly.

A Message From The Weak Wino

Just when you thought that you were a worthless piece of willpowerlessness, a bright light appears (this one happened to appear in an email from my friend Frank) and all is well again in the world. The following article helped me see the light.

Forget counting points or cutting carbs. "Get the Party Started" singer Pink has discovered a new diet that's much more fun: Drinking tons of wine. "I run 60 minutes a day, I do an hour of yoga and then I drink a lot of wine—I think that helps, I honestly do," the pop star told World Entertainment News Network. No word on which varietal Pink prefers, but she might be onto something. After all, resveratrol, found in the skins of red wine grapes, boosts the endurance of mice--and perhaps pop stars, too, fueling their monster workouts. But what makes this diet really special is that it's apparently reversible. Victoria "Posh" Beckham, former Spice Girl and wife of soon-to-be LA Galaxy soccer star David Beckham, is said to be guzzling wine to bulk up her size 0 frame, amid speculation of an eating disorder. "It's the reason she has a drink," a source told Closer magazine. "If she has a wine or two then she'll have an appetite like everyone gets when they're on a night out and drinking."

Are these chicks weird or what? Have they heard of the food pyramid?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Up?

I spent a very frustrating morning yesterday trying to come to grips with the new blogger. Thanks to some comments I have got my signing in down from three to two and now can save the pictures in the fashion that I did before. Unfortunately, now I have to label my camera downloads differently than I did in the past because I can no longer find them as the last ones downloaded. Because I label them by date (for instance, today would be 19Apr07) and they come up in alpha order now and so each time I open my pictures, the first one is 01Apr05 and then alphabetically down from there. That is such a hunt and peck, I will go mad using it. Sorry for this oration. I am befuddled.

My darling daughter Maggie is a tiny little thing and when she sits down to watch tv she is always huddled in a quilt, no matter what the temp around her is. In thinking of this and knowing that they got some new tv room furniture that was khaki and red I decided that a couple of quilts for their cuddling would be a good engagement gift.

Little did I know that after boxing them up to send up north, ahead of me, would there be MORE SNOW and so my timing was perfect. I am doubting that much use will be made of these in the next month or so, seeing as how my little Maggie only has a month (oh, less than that!) of law school left and she then has to hanker down for the passing of the bar, but at least they will be waiting for her when she is ready to watch a little Food Network with Evan, her fiance.
I am wrapping up lots of loose ends here, including sewing together some 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 rectangles that were cut last year. I can only get so far and knucklehead gets closer and closer to the machine and then I just have to back away and find something else to do. Until she wakes up, that is.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

TV Bashing

I don't like to comment on tv too much because if you don't watch the same stuff as I do, it can be a bit of a bore. Well, I have decided to bore you.

I looked forward to the Food Network Award Show since the hype of it started and that had to be at least two months ago. Frankly (and if you watched it you will agree) the commercials were considerably better than the show. It was such a disappointment, I am still not over it and it has been two days now. First off, they came in to the awards like most stars would; in limo's and then on the red carpet. But they weren't dressed up (except a few) and they neglected showing the spouses that were there. I was DYING to see Sandra Lee's husband and Alton Brown's wife. They were a blur if they showed up at all.

And the categories? What were they thinking? It was laughable and not for it's humor. And Nigella Lawson? She just about popped out of her dress, her boobs were shelved so high. It wasn't funny, or even entertaining for that matter. The humanitarian aspects were very nice but that alone was only redeeming quality of the whole thing. Again, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

Then, Dancing With The Stars? They say that Billy Ray was okay and they bashed Ian. It's gotta be rating stuff or something because Billy Ray didn't move his feet the whole time and Ian worked and danced his butt off. And concealing Heather's fake leg attachment area with a bright white spandex under sparkling silver? Way to camouflage or way to point it out? You tell me. And you really don't have to watch the first night, I have concluded. They reshow everything again on the following night (ad nauseam) anyway. It's good for some laughs and every now and then you get to see something pretty marvelous. What I really like about it is that I can sew at the machine and still really never miss a thing!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogger Crap

This may be one of my very last blogs. Something happened to the system (Blogger) yesterday. It switched me to a Google account and I had to re sign in. Now, even though I check the box that says remember me on this computer, each time I go into my blog to try and post I am asked on three separate screens for my blogger account name and my password. The Google password and the Blogger password are different and had to be so I have to go first to Blogger, verify I am who I say I am, re put in my credentials, only to then be routed to Google where I have to do the same. This in itself is a pain but if that was all it was, okay, I can live with it. But it isn't.

I can no longer go from my photos (that are in Picasa) to my blog. I have to download each one individually and worse than that, the photos do not reflect the changes I have made in them.

For example, let me download one and show you what I mean.

This picture is of a sweater I am making. To point out something, I took a picture of it and then in Picasa I straightened it and cropped it, mostly so it just showed the sweater and not the whole leaflet and the floor. (I take pictures on the floor alot because the natural light comes in the doors good there). My edited picture in Picasa only goes from the top of the girl's head to her arms on each side and to her waist. This new way of adding (and slowly too) pics did not reflect my change. This is way too much crap for me to go through just to jot down some words of what I am up to. Having said all that boring stuff, I ask you fellow blogger's out there; did this happen to you and is there anyway around it? If not, this will get old very quickly. I don't have the patience for it nor do I want to post unrefined pics. Okay, there, I have spouted on enough.

Now back to the pic. I am making this tank top for my soon to be two year old grand niece.

This picture is the sweater so far. This picture was straightened and cropped too, eliminating all the excess floor and the dog's leach and it didn't transfer in correctly here; again. I stopped at one ruffle because all of a sudden I realized that the sweater was heavy and I mean heavy. I used the exact yarn that the directions called for which isn't always the case. Lots of times I switch out to some cheaper yarn, but when making something for a child, the amount of yarn is such that it doesn't get to be really costly. Anyway, I don't think I can add anymore weight to the thing or the little bitty girl won't be able to walk in it!!!! I am at a loss as to whether I will even give it to her now.

Just bad luck.

Follow Up

Okay, thanks to Del, I found out how to use my edited pictures. Where as before yesterday I could send them right from Picasa, now I have to save the changes and then individually add them into Picasa. So that part I can live with. The taking ten minutes just to open up the blog is still a major problem.

Here are the pictures that I was trying in vain to post on the other entry. Even tho' they are the same, to me it makes a big difference when they are cropped. One thing that I never do is alter the colors of the entries. I draw the line at taking the time to do that!
Now I am going to change the time that I am posting this so that it will follow the first blog entry on this topic. I haven't done that before but I think that it will work. Is this boring or what?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Sanitary Saint

I hate to be a church basher but I am taking the liberty of doing so today on the Sabbath. Sorry.

The only thing about church I don't like (other than it lasting more than an hour) is the sign of Peace. I just don't like it; it makes me feel very uncomfortable and always has. When I hear the words preceding it, I tighten up. Now I know that I am not alone.

Last evening during this very part of mass , not a minute after, the woman next to G

got out her hand sanitizer. Now I ask you this; if sanitizing your hand immediately upon touching another persons hand (and G looked clean and dapper) what is the sense of it? Although germs do not bother me, for I have a puppy that can get her tongue into my nose and I don't care. I say, take it out of the program, if for no other reason than to eliminate one more thing we need to take with us to church. All in favor, say i.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Massive Mastiff

Now this is a dog!!!! Hercules was recently awarded the honorable distinction of Worlds Biggest Dog by Guinness World Records. Hercules is an English Mastiff

and has a 38 inch neck and weighs 282 pounds. With "paws the size of softballs" (reports the Boston Herald), the three-year-old is far larger and heavier than his breed's standard 200 pound limit. Hercules owner Mr. Flynn says that Hercules weight is natural and not induced by a bizarre diet: "I fed him normal food and he just grew".... And grew. And grew. And grew.


Well, here in Florida we finally got rain. It is scary how dry it is around here. There have been so many brush fires on the interstate from people flicking cigarettes out of their window that even I have been detoured off of it in the last month because of dense smoke (and I don't get out too much). We got about an inch in the last week and the weather man is hoping for more in a day or two. G and I have got exactly two more weeks remaining on our southern stint and will then travel back to Indiana for the duration of the warm and wonderful summer.

One little interesting matter caught my attention and I thought I would share it. My soon to be new daughter in law, Maria, went to the dressmaker who is altering her wedding gown for the final fitting. When she was slipping out of her gown she happened to notice that the label was no where to be seen. After asking what had happened to it she got the reply that it was in the way or got misplaced or some such blubber with the bottom line being, the label was gone and it was no big deal. Maria felt silly for even making a deal out of it but at the same time she was pissed. It was a label that was to be inside of her wedding dress and who was to say that she should be rebuffed for having first to notice it's disappearance and second to have cared? Anyway, I. had a theory that these dressmakers maybe kept labels (kinda like notches on a handle or whatever) or as souvenirs or that they actually sewed these labels in other gowns that weren't actually a 'label'.

After that last fitting, Maria returned to pick up her finished dress only to find that the label miraculously reappeared. Isn't that interesting? Thoughts?

Friday, April 13, 2007

All Wrapped Up

I tried something that I didn't think would work for a minute. But, alas. I was wrong.

This is a photograph of part of a dress that I will be wearing to some of the festivities that are coming up in May; namely the wedding rehearsal of my first born. Anyway, do to it's odd combination of colors, I thought that I would focus on the bead work and get some yarn to match that could be made into a nice shawl; in case I get cold.
Bella found the yarn before I had a chance to hide it from her. Then after I started to untangle and rewind the yarn I decided that it was tooooooooooooo turquoise and it just wouldn't do. So, having found a website to making your own yard goods (thanks to a reader out there in cyberspace; Thank you!!!!) I decided to try a new technique. What follows is that new technique.

I did this on my long arm and I did because I seemed easier to do this way but it could easily be done on a regular machine. First I needed water soluble yardage. On hand I only had a roll of it that was 8 inches wide so I sewed lengths of it together to get a big ole' piece which I pinned onto the rollers of my machine. Then I laid onto it yarn; lots and lots of yarn. I put down a base of black and then put some of my turquoise. I followed that with another layer of black. I just used black yarn that was left over from various projects. This is what it looked like with the top layer of black on it. Now all this needed is another layer of water soluble paper on the top so that I could scribble sew it all together without the yarn getting all caught up in my machine.
This is the water soluble on top of the yarn. You can see it underneath, right? And you can also tell that I have three rows of the paper/fiber due to it's only being 8" wide. I went over the whole thing with big ole' swirls.
Then I made the swirls smaller and smaller
until each opened space (without stitching) was less than the size of a nickel. When that was all done I plopped the whole thing in a bucket and added hot water, to remove the paper. What was remaining
was the yarn, all stitched together. You can see that when the water is hitting the paper/fiber it is dissolving before our very eyes.

And here you have the finished piece; a shawl with a touch of turquoise. It has been machine washed and dried and looks like a dream. This shows the shawl folded in half and in half again. It is quite long and having it all opened didn't seem right for a photo op. I am very pleased with the outcome. Now that I have done it once, I think I will have to do it again, and then again. I am thinking that a neutral color to keep in the car so when I am in a restaurant or whatever and get a chill, it would be the perfect thing to throw over my shoulders. Yeah, don't ya think?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Juror (Me and Demi Moore)

I was up early yesterday morning; five twenty a.m. I didn't want to get up that early but it was necessary. I had to show up at the county seat for jury duty at 8 a.m. and I live over an hour and a half away. I really didn't have to get going that early. It was still dark for an hour and there were few other travelers on the road. So, I got there early. I had my knitting and two novels. I was scheduled to set in jury for Judge Hayes but after an hour of waiting (actually two and a half hours if you want to count the prelim stuff we had to go through) we were told that although our judge's cases have pleaded out for the day, we still needed to wait in case another judge might need our services. I was tacked onto another judge's jury possibilities at 11:15. We spent an hour in the court room (and a very nice one, if I do say so; not like the tacky one that O.J. was tried in). We were asked if we worked and if so where; if we were married; if so, what did our spouses do. Do we have children and what do they do if not in school and if in school, what year. The final question we were all asked was 'have we ever been on a jury and if so, were we the head juror and did your case come to a conclusion.'

Then came the lawyers for the government and the defendant. The guy being tried was up for driving with a suspended license and possession of cocaine. Both the lawyers were very young (if I had to guess I would say under 35) and not a drop of makeup on either of them. Not like Law and Order at all. I am used to my attorneys having at least one set of false eyelashes on!!!
They asked questions that for the most part were moronic; but like many venues I have been a party to, it was a good forum for people to talk about themselves and they did that. There were 29 of us and they were to choose six (what happened to the 12 jurors of yore?). By 12:45 I was excused for the day and for that matter, for a full calendar year. I did my civic duty and didn't have to fabricate anything. I knew the second they asked me if any law enforcement officers were close to me and I mentioned the brother in law who is a detective, the sister in law that is a copper too and the father in law who was a sergeant, all in the Chicago Police Department. It was like getting a hall pass. My guess is that the cops were the one's who found this guy driving with a truant license and then on further inspection, found some blow in his car. I wonder what happened? Oh, and the guy looked like a very skinny Charles Manson. I was feeling very Squeaky and so I am just as glad that I was passed by. I still don't get why only 6 jurors were needed. I thought it was always 12 but then I am way too lazy to google and see if this is the norm rather than just a freak thing I ran into.

One last thing, the judge (very cute and smiley) said that if you watch Law and Order, CSI or Without A Trace, forget what you think is a normal trial. He said that nothing happens, is investigated, goes to trial and has a conclusion - which is always a shock- all in an hour. I knew that, didn't I?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Up Close And Personal

Wouldn't you think that a noisy sewing machine, along with the stopping and starting, not to mention the vibration

would stop my little princess from choosing it as her favorite napping spot? Sometimes she is so close to the needle that I have to quit sewing (as shown in this photo), which is so wrong in so many ways. But, I have found out that she is not alone. Bella is joined by other furry creatures that actually like to get right in there while fabulous creations are being made via the sewing machine.
This is Corky, the Poodle Prince, that Del babysits for alot. He likes to get right up on the sewing table while she is quilting.
And when Rosemarie leaves her work for a bathroom break, look what her feline Kyan feels the need to do.

I feel like breaking out in song with my feeble rendition of Dionne Warwick's 'Close To You'. You are so lucky that you can't hear this. Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 09, 2007

Holy Moly Monday

If I recall, it was kinda like school pictures; each Easter I made sure that I had a picture of the kids, with or without the Easter Bunny. So as to not show favoritism, I have taken the liberty
of clicking off Bella's first Easter photo, while she was still in bed. She still doesn't seem the type of dog to festoon with cute outfits, so I refrained from putting on her Easter bonnet for fear of its mutilation. And she still possesses that 'screw loose' air about her, wouldn't you say? She was a big hit with the cousins that came to spend the night. She was, shall we say, enthusiastic. On the same topic (dogs) I thought I would pass on what I thought was a bit over the top, but it may be just me. A calorie count on a bag of doggie treats? Realistically I get it; an overweight dog isn't good for it's health and longevity. It just seems so human to actually state a caloric amount; like the dog could care less? Bella eats dirty kleenex and the actual calorie count doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest.

There's a couple of things I wanted to share from the Easter Feast. The warm caesar salad had these polenta croutons on it. It was sensational and was a perfect side to veal.
The zuccatto was very delicious and looked alright when plating as shown here, but it was a bear to keep it's original shape in the bowl. Before I put the mousse and stuff in the center, I couldn't get the outside cake to stay on the sides of the bowl. It kept falling down. Maybe I had too much brandy on it. I will try this again because it was definitely good eats. Posted by Picasa