Monday, January 28, 2008

All Dolled Up

Okay, you asked for it; here is the new table. It fits our needs much more than the last one

due to the fact that the space the table is in needed a long and thin table and the last place the old table was suited it's round shape. I have six new chairs and am going to keep my six old

chairs so I will have plenty of seating when the need arises. I have put off having
my old table picked up (along with a few other things) by Habitat for Humanity until after next week. Without the leaf in, it's the perfect size for bridge out on the deck when my friends come next week.

G, B and me hit an Art Fair yesterday that we went to last year also. It was on St. Armand's Key and is quite a trip for us. Actually, it's an all day outing. I took Bella's little stroller but she is doing amazingly well on a short leash now. We take her out for half hour walks on a short leash and practice. The stroller kept water, my purse, camera, wrap and a purchase or two. This trio
of dolls was affectionately named BFF but I changed the name to the Golden Girls because it seemed to fit. I have a place on a bathroom wall that is just calling out for some piece like this.
Some of these dolls are actually scary. I know they are a bit dated (I saw this use of pantyhose in Sanibel almost 30 years ago) but I am a sucker for a doll; always have been. In fact, there
was a time when I was gonna get into doll making very seriously and still may. I have some books on the making of them that use all sorts of medium. This artist pretty much does the
stereotype doll eating donuts and wearing brash and garish clothing. I do love this next one in the
bathing suit with an inner tube around her middle and a towel in her hand. I just couldn't justify buying two dolls in one day, plus this one was pretty pricey. I don't know why other than maybe it took a lot more work to have her sit. She was a lot larger than the one I bought too. More later.


dee said...

They are wonderful. Very funny and some very familiar looking.

Anonymous said...

Love the one eating a donut!

Cindra said...

That's me in the middle. The bottle blonde with the tummy!
I have a set of three on my wall here right beside my monitor. There is a saying that goes with it.
Some Friends Grow older, some grow wiser and few become genuine Characters!

I'm working toward the character billing! It sounds like more fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your new table and chairs. Such a clean look. Dolls are adorable. Great conversation pieces. Fun, Fun!!!