Thursday, January 31, 2008


While rollerblading I took this shot of a fence that I go by each day and every day and every day

I say the same thing; unbelievable!!! It is just breath taking. We saw the building of the fence about three years ago. It is like that stucco stuff and then

they put eyehooks and fishing line on it so that the plantings would gravitate up the wall. This only took less than three years to cover the fence almost completely. Behind this fence is a massive compound. They are building (and have been since we have lived here) a house that is about the size of three very large houses put together. It is on the Gulf of Mexico and a sight to see. Maybe another one for Oprah?

I just found this picture and it put a smile on my face and so I had to share it with you. This is how we leave Bella in a motel room when we have to leave her. We push a chair or desk or table to the window so that she can be high enough to see the comings and goings. It's like a ritual now. The first thing we do when we arrive is get a place for Miss B to perch.

Due to the abundance of citrus down here (and my pilfering techniques) I was more than thrilled to see a gadget that I had never laid eyes on or even heard of before. It a citrus sectioner. The concept is that you shove this into the wedge and the little blade extends out when you squeeze the handle. It is very smooth and while it does do it's job, it is more than a little wasteful and
that will not do. The wedge is only half as large as it would get the old fashioned way of making the slits by the membranes and getting it out that way. I am a lazy citrus eater. I just cut it in wedges and peel it off the skin and sans seeds, pop it in my mouth. a little membrane never hurt me!


Cindra said...

I'm sitting here right now eating a big juicy orange complete with membranes. Someone once told me that was healthy.

Anonymous said...

I think that house being built belongs to my brother!

There are spoons with serrated edges for grapefruit. It is to find them in the USA. I got my half dozen in Japan.

dee said...

roughage..good for what ails ya.
what kind of flowers on the hedge? just beautiful.