Saturday, January 05, 2008

Carpeting and Computers

This is kinda weird. We ordered carpet from Home Depot on a referral from a local girl who said that it was a good deal and they totally stand by their product. Okay, that's all well and good but someone should have told us that they don't move furniture in order to install. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Since November, Home Depot has had our carpeting while we were up north enjoying the holidays and they have to give us back the installation charge that we paid for - all because they don't move furniture. And in Florida!! These old people can't be farting around with furniture.

We woke this morning with an installer on the phone saying he would install the carpeting next Tuesday. Now we have to figure out how to get the carpeting from Home Depot to our house. Why is the mini van in Indiana? This is as swinging as it gets down here; that is, until the company starts pouring in.

Onto to the computer; my current obsession. I downloaded some pictures from Picasa on this STORE AND GOthat holds 8 GB. It actually held almost 4000 pictures. Isn't that amazing? I couldn't get all of them on this disc and it does tell you that you need another storage container (?) to continue downloading but I was wondering, would it continue with the pictures that have not as yet downloaded? Does this little USB know to continue where the last one left off? I couldn't find a storage disc that was bigger than 8 GB but I am sure that there is one bigger. And I love the name of this little thing; verbatim. It's only 1 inch by about three inches.

Speaking of sizes, some of my friends got the new Nano's from Santa and I took them and downloaded as many recorded books from my computer in Indiana as they would hold. These new ipods are so small and they really pack a punch, what with color, video and other stuff that I am really not interested in at all. I have the very first ipod which, at the time was so tiny and now it looks like an amazon. I do have 30 GB on it tho' and never have to worry about whether I have enough storage for downloading a CD or whatever. I successfully took three of these new Nano's and downloaded at least ten audio books on each. Some of the new ones are 4 GB and some are 8GB. I feel like I am a black marketing library books on tape, even tho' it's perfectly legal. It's just that they are already in my computer, and I know how to download them so why not share, eh?


Cindra said...

I have to say I am forever greatful for your tutorial on how to do that through itunes. I am always putting mine on my ipod so that I can knit and listen. It was perfect for my latest trip. On airlines I am blissfully unaware of most noises around me. Thanks again and again!

spikemuffin said...

Should have gone to ACE.

Sheila in Ohio said...

I love the thumb/flash drives for portability! I do think there's a 16GB at MicroCenter, but for its $200, you could buy a couple of external/portable hard drive storage options.

As for the download, it seems to me that you would have to have the second thumb drive available at the time the first one was full up... the software that processes the transfer remembers where it is at that point, not the drive.