Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fruit and Nuts

I have decided to get right back on the bridge 'horse'. I don't know how I screwed up the class time so much but bridge class was to start at 9 and at 11 I was looking for the class, only to run into another girl who was looking for the class AFTER the one I was looking for. We ended up being fast friends and are touring Europe together this summer. But I digress; and I lied. The girl was there but no plans have been made, just a cohort to help look for the class that ended up starting at 11:30. So I missed my class (accidentally on purpose?) and went to the next one that was playing bridge with supervision. There were four of us playing at a table with help whenever we needed it. I was by far the most inexperienced but it didn't seem to matter to the others so I enjoyed myself and vowed to do more on my own to retain some of this stuff.

The instructor for both classes was the same and so she gave me this manual along with the first chapter as my homework. I also spent a good hour trying to get my VCR to work (using three clickers and just pushing every button) so that I could FINALLY watch the three VHS tapes I purchased that teach how to play bridge. I then proceeded to watch the first cassette TWICE and understood it. This gal on the tapes, Audrey Grant, starts at the very beginning and breaks it down simply. It's a much different take that what I was taught (four lessons last winter) and I really got into it, that is, after I got used to looking at the dated clothes with shoulder pads bigger than they wore on Star Trek. These tapes need to be updated and put on DVD's. The VCR is almost a thing of the past, like Beta.

Also, I am back stealing fruit from the neighbors trees when they aren't looking. Their grapefruit is much bigger and abundant than mine and as I mentioned sometime ago, my oranges are non existent. That reminds me, I gotta call the nursery and see what's the deal on that. The oranges have some green still, but it's okay. I have picked them that way and they ripen in the house.

(I am typing with one hand while Miss Bella licks the other one!) She is going to doggie daycare today for her second session so she will get used to it when I really need it. I take and G picks up. It's only fair.


dee said...

Oh the envy-fresh fruit from a real tree. I just paid a fortune for navel oranges that are, frankly, meh.
Good luck with the Bridge lessons. Around here, Military Bridge is very popular. Seemingly reasonable women become fierce and it's not pretty but I won door prizes several times. Chocolate makes it all worthwhile.

Cindra said...

I agree with Dee, fresh fruit envy. Our navel oranges are very good but very pricey.
I do not ever want to wear shoulder pads again. I have horrible memories of shoulder pads slipping off my shoulders and wandering around my upper torso and showing up in the worst places.