Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I feel it's not necessary to comment on the comment that making a dessert for the neighbors is insulting but as you can tell from this sentence, I am. There is nothing insulting in taking what was given to me and making it into something else and sharing. I do this all the time. And, in fact, I try to think of ways to incorporate gifts into something that the giver can enjoy. This usually has to do with foodstuffs, but not always necessarily.

The trifle I made used only 12 ounces out of the 31+ ounces the loaf. Here we have a side view of the bread cubes soaked in a little Kahlua and layered with a marscapone, powdered sugar, chocolate and espresso mix. I don't have a trifle dish down here so I had to settle for a pyrex dish.

The top has shaved dairy milk chocolate on it. I am taking this over to the neighbors this morning in the spirit with which I meant it to be. I took your advice Del and sliced and froze the remainder of the bread (not being a dessert eater) to use as french toast or whatever at a later time.

Every time Bella goes into the garage or in the driveway she hops on the golf cart (used just as transportation; there's no golf course around here). She loves to go for rides on it. I take the cart to where I Rollerblade and when I got back, she jumped up to investigate the status of my blades. She has never had any interest in running away when the front door is opened. All she cares about are humans, so she wants to be where they are. Mazy, our old dog, would take off in a split second if she saw the opportunity, when she was younger. They are so different in as many ways as they seem the same. Mostly, they are unbelievably sweet.


dee said...

This is why I keep coming back here. I never thought to make trifle with this. We do make the french toast though and it's yummy. I'm sure they will be pleased with having a delicious treat delivered to them. Wish someone would knock on my door with trifle.

Rian said...

I had panettone for the first time this year. I liked it okay, but it was pretty dry. My first thought was that it would make a damn fine bread pudding.

My schnauzer doesn't run away either. On warm days we leave the front door open so he can go out and sun himself on the driveway. When he has to go outside to potty I just open the door for him. We have no fence and somehow he knows where his boundaries are.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, this could be fun. The ultimate in regifting. Just think, if someone else gave them the loaf. They gave it to you. You recreate as a trifle and give to them. What do they recreate it as?

Cindra said...

I always thought panettone had something to do with color choices in photo editing software.
Bread pudding I understand and trifles, too. Everything you make is looks yummy and wonderful! I am sure they will love it and if they don't I am willing to supply my address so they can re-gift it to me!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about making something with the bread/cake and sharing with your neighbors. I'm diabetic and allergic to all sorts of things that my is well aware of (she's always giving me advice on what I should try to fix myself.) Anyway the husband is also diabetic, but she still gives us a big tray of cookies and candy every Christmas. We end up throwing it all in the trash to avoid temptation. I wish now we had regifted it back to her. I'll have to find a recipe that uses cookies and such with candy and give it back to her. One thing, it won't be wasted in the trash and second, maybe she'd catch on that we shouldn't be eating the stuff. Shame on the person who tried to give you a guilt trip and good for you to ignore them and do your own thing!

Anonymous said...

No SHAME on me, you other anon. I wish you would all be more honest and straight and let your neighbours KNOW you wish no cookies, candies or whatever. RE-Gifting...ihgitihgit!
I can't imagine what Tommy's neighbours must have thought of her yesterday when she took over that trifle. But whatever, doesn't change 'the price of rice in China'! There is more to life than 'trifle'.