Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday Musings

I guess I have to explain myself. I wasn't concerned about anyone's comment when I couldn't write my blog yesterday. On the contrary, I love the positive wonderful comments and give the finger to all those that feel the need to comment in such a 'common and trailer trash' manner. I have told those readers to, please, don't bother reading my blog. It's so nothing; just me talking like I would to any friend that stopped by. Even the English no-no's that I do don't bother me. Having a spelling error is not something I stress about. I no longer know the correct manner to conjugate a verb and where to use or not use a preposition and I don't care. This is not a test. It is me spouting. I am an art major and not necessarily the smartest tack in the box. Correct sentence formulation is not an interest to me in the least. I am just doing the blog because I enjoy it and I love all the new Internet friends I have made. I have no agenda but I do try not to sound like a complete idiot. For that reason, sometimes it's just time to step away from the computer.

Where I fell short yesterday was in getting across what I was trying to say. First, I was commenting on politics with which I have no business doing. I don't read the paper, unless G gives me something to read, like say, yesterday when he handed me an article about American Idol. I don't watch the news. I tend to vote for the cuter of the candidates. And I think I mentioned that and thought, nah, don't go there.

The next two entry tries escape me. But what ever they were, they just didn't make it for me. I may take the advice of those that want to hear my blathering when I myself don't want to hear it and forward them on to them. You know who you are.

More interesting is what I found out yesterday. Did you know that Will Smith had a first wife? Christina Aguliara had her baby? Don't know the sex.

We are heading to Orlando because G has decided to take up an offer from a friend to golf there. It's about three hours away yet we haven't been there since Peter and Maggie were little kids. G has never liked amusement parks and I love them but would not torture him into going. We will not be entering the 'Park' but I guarantee you that when we have grand kids, we will be going with a smile on our face and a dance in our step. Anything that is a must see between Sarasota and Orlando that we should stop at? You tell me.

I finished the hand quilting and feel like a new woman. Fingers will heal and I can get back to the sewing machine. My first job though, is to organize the garage and YES! get out my little used label maker and label some cabinets.

Oh, and I have GOT to deal with the many parts that make up several wholes of knitted items. I am very big on making the components of a sweater but hate to assemble them into a completed sweater. That is going on my to do list before my first company comes in a couple weeks.

I jsut remembered. Stop. Look at the second word. jsut. I often have my brain going faster than my hands and most of the time can notice the mistakes this makes but not always. Why I am pointing this out that the new Microsoft Outlook email corrects little errors like that. You just type it in wrong and it changes it. I even tried to do it on purpose and it still corrects it. Pretty soon we won't have to even think.


Cindra said...

I, too, have forgotten how to write sentences in their proper form and no longer care. I write in a stream of consciousness style.... sometimes hard to follow. I think that's why I like your blog. It is like having a conversation, an interesting conversation with pictures!
My view on politics in a nutshell - when they introduce a voter referendum that eliminates the special health insurance and golden parachute that our esteemed Congressmen get while working and when they retire, then we might get some of our retirement issues worked solved. And why is Congress who can't seem to get anything done dealing with baseball and steroids? Is this a national threat? Am I crazy?
Sorry, more than a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

You are so very honest Tommy. What is Trailer-Trash manner, do you know anything about it.
Ahhh, don't worry about your blog writings, Americans seem to have trouble with the english language anyway.

QuiltingFitzy said...

If I didn't want to read your blog, I wouldn't.

Love you, love your show.


dee said...

Hi Tommy, You can write any damn thing you want on your blog and it's always something fun for me and.. Yay Cindra!
Hope your trip is fun and don't forget your proper grammar(heh. Wouldn't want to be stopped by the Grammar Police in southern Fla. for bad English BWWaahhhhhhaha
Any David Caruso sightings ahead?
Please fell free to blather at me at will.

dee said...

Above all..proofread, proofread like crazy

Rian said...

Blather on, Dearie, blather on. I like it just fine the way it is.

Often read you, rarely comment.

Rosy said...

I like your conversation type of talk. Anony (anoying annie is a good name for her)is just jealous of you and your fabulous blog. She needs to get a life and not live like an amoeba on words that can't play to her intellect...hahahahahahah

solje said...

I enjoy reading your blog, it feels like I am easedropping on just a normal conversation by an interesting person :-) I'm not a politically intense person, but I have certain things that push my interests and by all means if I felt like posting them to my blog... I would, as you should.

as for the grammar police... I've heard that lots of those little dots bug them too... (forgot the name)... I like to use them a lot :-)

Anonymous said...

...does...this...bother....them... well........good.......they... do. I love DOTS!!!!! They are like a pause or taking a breath while having a real conversation. I love reading your blog because I never know what I'm getting. It is never the same old thing and always interesting.

gabrielle said...

Tommy, don't you dare change a thing on your blog. You are the Martha Stewart of blogland as far as I am concerned....all you do cooking, creating...I am in awe. I appreciate the conversational way you write...makes me feel as if you and I are sitting together over something good to eat or drink.
That's my story and I am stickin' to it.

Laura Christensen said...

we love you--"just the way you are". to quote from Bridget Jones...