Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's Party Time

We are on the road to Florida and the roads are very empty. Note to self: always travel during the day of New Year's Eve. Everyone is resting up for the evening and not on the road. But there were lots of cops. I am guessing that because they all have to be out in full force at night, they may as well get in some practice and get out during the day.

We attended a holiday party on Sunday.

This spread included my favorite appetizer, Blue Cheese Tartlets from the William Sonoma Appetizer Cookbook. Seeing as how this was a holiday party, it was only fitting that the

hostess made this artichoke cheese dip to look like a wrapped gift (the green is shocked green onion greens that split open.)
Here we have the hostess and host of the bash; none other than Regina and her hubby Bruce. The party was a major success - lots of eating, drinking, gabbing and kissing (to the New Year),

I took it upon myself to gather up some of the gals and then handed ik over the camera to G to take an end
of the year photo. After we were done the guys commented as to who was going to round them up for a pic. We acted like we couldn't understand what they were saying and went back to partying. Needless to say, due to an attention span of a nano, they forgot all about it when I passed out the cookies. Guys; you can't live with 'em and you can't shoot 'em. Except maybe for Claudine Longet. That's a name out of the past.


dee said...

Happy New Year Tommy-safe travels and only good things ahead!

Cindra said...

You hang out with a lot of good looking ladies! Happy Holidays to all!