Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lay Borers

Remember last November when I showed you this bleached spot, one of many

on our carpeting? It was caused by one of those two canisters hooked together carpet cleaners that are on the market. Well, this is what the lanai looks like this morning, before 8 am. All the furniture

from the living room/dining room combo has been moved to make way for the new carpeting. We have three rooms to do today. It's a major undertaking. Thank goodness for Florida's extra space caused by the lanai so they just put the furniture
on sliders and move it out.

We bought the carpeting at Home Depot and they were gonna install it until they told us that they wouldn't move furniture, especially tv's. Well it took another two months to find someone that would handle the job. It seems ridiculous to expect me and G to move big pieces. Hell, I find it difficult at times to move the old body!!! My day is going to be consumed with keeping Miss Bella out of harms way; and to keep her from licking the carpet layers!!!


Anonymous said...

When I saw your title Lay Borers and then the photo of the carpet I thought lay borers must be some type of bug here in FL I hadn't heard of.
I wondered if we have them in
central Florida.
Then I read the rest and got it!
We did decide against Lowes and Home Depot to do work for us because of their "can't do the whole job" policies".
So I guess we DO have them in central Florida. Kay S
I don't like to be anonymouse but since I don't have a blog I guess I am!

Anonymous said...

I could never figure out why anyone living in tropical climes would want a carpet house!