Friday, January 25, 2008

Look Up In The Sky

I'm starting new work today. I got an idea for a four piece quilt and I am gonna get the supplies for it today and get a crackin'. It the mean time I have my bridge lessons via tv and a plethora of unfinished knitted items that need attending. It is cold and windy today and just the kind of day for finishing up. I think.

I learned something very cool the other day when I was talking to Regina on Skype (ya gotta get it!!!) and she said that she was gonna go on line and see what time her hubby's plane came in so she would know what time to pick him up from the airport. (That's something I never do; pick up at an airport). She punched in Delta Air Lines and then plugged in the flight number and up comes this map

that shows you EXACTLY where his plane is on route. You click on the plane and it says like 'four minutes from landing'. You guys probably already know this stuff, but I am a little slow on the modern conveniences, so I just found out about it. Pretty cool, huh?


Cindra said...

I always go to USA today's Flight Tracker to track flights. By refreshing the screen you can watch the little red plane reach its destination.

dee said...

Roger showed me this a while back. We always track flights. It's a great tool.
Sounds like my kind of day.

teri springer said...

Pretty cool. No, I didn't know about this but I will use it now! I hate getting to the airport in GR (it's nearly an hour in good weather) only to find out the flight is delayed.