Sunday, January 27, 2008


I made the frames for my next work. These are all 24 x 24. They are (in theory) to hang together with a little separation showing

between them. Normally I never make the frames first; rather, I measure the finished work, cut the wood and build the frame. This project is a bit different. Here is the rough sketch of what the piece will look like. As you can see, my shapes aren't even squares but rather rectangles and that will have to change. But what won't change is the concept of the circle, taking up

part of all four squares. One quarter stops and the next one starts. That's easy to draw but these babies are going to be stretched over wood and will need extra fabric to cover the side of the wood and to have enough to staple down. There in lies the problem. So what I have done is made a pattern for all four quilts.
Here they are pinned onto my design wall and they are now each precisely 24" square. Now I will redraw each quarter as a pattern that I can cut out and use as my templates, extending the outside edges to accomodate the covering of the wood . I am making this work to coordinate with some new couches we bought for our family room down here; If it is successful I will duplicate it in muted colors for my Maggie's downtown office wall. Yep, she requested art for her wall!!!

See this little thing? The idea of it is to cover
these holes that hold the screws that hold the base of the table together. Three weeks ago the table was delivered and I gave it a look over before the delivery guys left and all was well. Next morning, the little piece with the two white nylon thingys in it was laying on the floor. It seems that the white posts were too far in the piece of wood to get a grip in the table holes so the delivery guys covered them with masking tape and it served as a quick fix, lasting just until the next morn. After calling consumer service twice at the store I purchased the table at and letting the three weeks go by, I went directly to the sales person I bought it from. Two days later, a Mr. Fix It came to my house and brought two other little pieces of wood. They too were the same as the faulty one so he ended up filling the hole with steel wool and using some glue. Hey!! I coulda done that!!!Here is the completion of his handiwork. This involved three weeks of calls, a verify the day call, a call to give us the window the guy would be here, the call telling us that he was a half hour away; not to mention staying home for him when he did what I could have done easier than making the initial phone call!!!! That's about as exciting as it gets here is lovely southwest Florida.


Candy said...

Ooh Tommy! I can't wait to see how this piece turns out! Where did you get the idea for the original sketch?

TTFN - Candy in CA

Cindra said...

Sometimes a little "no excitement" is a good thing. What does the whole table look like?

Anonymous said...

It is even worse here in Southern Spain.

QuiltingFitzy said...

So Ms. Handywoman, how do you put your frame together? Staple, nail, glue?

I'm in need of a frame for my wool hooking and want to know how to keep it square!