Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The News Of The Day

We're on the road and stopped by friends in Georgia for a quick visit yesterday that included a wonderful lunch. Thank you L and M.

Hey, L&M used to be a cigarette brand when I was a kid. Is it still around? Speaking of smoking, Illinois has passed a 'NO SMOKING' law that is statewide. It went into effect at midnight yesterday. So we were wondering if there were police in every smoking establishment and at the stroke of midnight they went around and took smoltering cigarettes out of mouths fingers and ashtrays? There is no smoking anywhere (ANYWHERE!!!!!) other than a private residence. It's the right thing to do. Go green and clean air!!!!

Okay, back to the stop in Georgia; besides the fact that it was cold (not even 50)it had to be fast; G wanted to get to the hotel four hours later to watch Illinois get slaughtered in the Rose Bowl. Actually it was pretty amazing; the stop that is. G just likes to go from point A to point B. Not that we go non stop. We take our time but normally G doesn't like the extra stop. Lately he has surprised even me. He has done some odd things; like saying 'Yes, we can do that' without even a thought. Now I ask you, is that senility or just comfort in aging?

This might be a good time to add that G has discussed getting rid of his mini van (everyone who knows him has vetoed that) and so I am thinking that the van has gotten a reprieve for the time being anyway. It is so comfortable to travel with. So why is it in Indiana while we are traveling to Florida?

There has also been talk about the fact that G would like to be a gentleman farmer. Do any of you know a farm out there (around southwest Indiana?) that needs a gentleman farmer?; if not for hire, then at least for show? And what does one wear when they are a gentleman farmer? That will involve shopping on my part. The only picture that comes to mind is Colin Firth in the classic remake of Pride and Prejudice that I saw on Lifetime. This is marginally kookier than last year when he was talking about purchasing a small radio frequency (can someone even do that?) and have his own talk show; not necessarily at the same time each day or even each day for that matter. He was talking of some vehicle for him to talk a bit about things. I guess he assumes that all will discover his 'show' and never leave the dial hoping against hope that they will be available for his next sign on. Yeah, the white coats are coming for him.


Cindra said...

What G needs is a podcast and people can subscribe to it. It is not hard to do. It would be perfect for him!

dee said...

So funny. I'm just watching a special program about Windsor Castle and all of the many aspects f the grounds and shops etc. The Duke of Windsor is the official royal grounds keeper. He rides around in his Land Rover and over-sees the installation of new trees and shrubs and his hobby is entering carriage riding tournaments in these darling antique carriages with 4 horses-Perfect for a retired guy, no??? Where do you go to apply for a cool job like that?

Anonymous said...

I always love reading your blog, but this morning you had me laughing out loud!!

Anonymous said...

You have to watch "GREEN ACRES"

Here is a link;

"Successful lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas (Eddie Albert) longs to leave behind the complications of modern society and life as a Manhattanite, and despite the protestations of his glamorous, socialite, Hungarian wife Lisa (Eva Gabor), Oliver buys a farm, sight unseen, from swindler Mr. Haney. The couple says "goodbye city life!" and take up residence in Hooterville, U.S.A. While there is some debate amongst the show's fans as to the actual geographic location of Hooterville, one thing is clear; it exists in a state of mind-bending logic and hallucinatory natural laws, and is inhabited by an eccentric population that includes favorite son Arnold Ziffel, a multi-lingual, television watching pig. The farm Oliver has purchased is a shambles, the farmhouse in a state of advanced disrepair. Along with hired hand Eb, Oliver tries to make a go at being a gentleman farmer. Meanwhile, Lisa settles in to her new surroundings despite herself, and attempts to bring gracious living and the finer things to the oddball residents of this off-the-map town."

Anonymous said...

You might want to check out Some of these stories are listed there and are fabrications.