Sunday, January 06, 2008

Put The Lime In The Coke, You Nut

For some reason, now you don't have to go through all sorts of hoops to open the blog to make an entry. Interesting. If I bothered to read the stuff that they send to bloggers I may know the reason, but alas, I don't care enough. I do like it simpler tho'.

Stealing fruit from the neighbors yard is getting pretty old. I have to watch religiously to see if they are out of town. Then there's the house sitter to avoid; and the neighbors watching my pilfering. All in all I decided that I need my own fruit trees. I put in a key lime tree the year before and so that takes care of my lime need. As far as lemon's go, I opted for

a meyer lemon tree. I have heard all about it's 'wow' power on the food network and so thought I can always get a bag of lemons at the store if I need regular ones (and after all, I still have the neighbor's trees). I also have an orange and a grapefruit tree but they haven't fared as well
as the lemon and lime tree. We are short of water down here because of the lack of rainfall in the fall and so instead of watering three days a week, we are down to one. There wasn't one orange on the tree and the grapefruits, although there, look like they could use a nice
drink of water. Here are the insides of the meyer lemon and the key lime. The lemon is supposed to be ever bearing but I thought it was supposed to look different than a regular lemon. It's only a little bigger as far as I can see. I will need to investigate.


teri springer said...

I don't know about the "everbearing" part of the Meyer lemon but I DO know it takes friggin' FORever for the lemons to get ripe. The tree I have in my sunroom still has the same 4 lemons on it from LAST winter. I keep checking them but none come off the branch easily into my hand. BTW, why did you pick your limes before they were ripe?? Just couldn't wait? You DO know Key Limes are yellow, right?? Like the lemons they should just fall off the branch into your hand with the slightest touch when they are ripe.

Great, now you have me craving Key Limes.....


Del said...

I'm amazed that you are not already a fan of Myer lemons. They are so much more flavorful and yield more juice than ordinary lemons. The reason we don't find them in the super market is that they don't ship well. However, I have occasionally found them an Trader Joe's and a few of the red carpet markets. Enjoy!