Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I agree, the tooth (from yesterday) may be an elephant. I thought it was an elephant for sure when I was first made aware of the possibility (thanks Dale) but on closer inspection, I am not a 100% sure. You cast your vote.

We are trying to go green and although it's not overnight, it's a start. We have been major recyclers for as long as it was an option. I have changed to taking my own bags to the grocery; the green bags that the local grocery store sells (and at the same time advertises their store on the outside) that are sturdy and reusable. I haven't seen anything like that down here in Florida but I am looking. We are trying to wean ourselves from bottled water which isn't as easy as it would seem.

I read this article in Natural History magazine in 2003 and was very struck by the photo of an albatross. I just found it a couple days ago, tucked in between the pages of an art book.

Bottle caps and other plastic objects are visible inside the decomposed carcass of this Laysan albatross, in a remote and virtually uninhabited region of the North Pacific. The bird probably mistook the plastics for food and ingested them while foraging for food.

Unlike many discarded materials, most plastic we use isn't biodegradable. The bacteria that breaks down other materials has no effect on most plastics. We need to use containers that either are able to break down or are strictly recycled, maybe even a deposit on bottles like it was when I was a kid.

I have to get going. I have four hours of bridge today and I thought grooming may be a good idea. That needs to be done NOW.


teri springer said...

I still find that not many people here in Michigan use the cloth bags so I still get strange looks. I have two I got from Method with an order of cleaning stuff plus the cloth bags from somewhere else. I also have the "PC" bags (that's "President's Choice" not politically correct) that I bought at our PC grocery in Nova Scotia but I leave those there for any house guests who borrow the place.

Going to be interesting to put the recycling out for pickup tomorrow- 40 to 50 mph winds....see what you're missing!!


Mechelle said...

Hi Tommy, Publix has the re-usable grocery bags, I think they are green too, think I saw them at Super Target too. We have the Culligan man deliver 5 gallon water bottles, they cover most of FL - EASY, you leave the empties outside and they replace w/full ones - buy a water cooler dispenser at Wamart or Target, your good to go!

Irene said...

According to this article, it's a tooth:

Mrs. Mel said...

Omigod what a picture. We keep refilling the bottles we bought in the past. It pays to have a cheap streak. But the plastic bags are the worst. Now even our Wal-Mart is promoting cloth bags.

Del said...

You have to keep an eye on the baggers. Recently I was paying attention to the checker and when I got home all my groceries were wrapped in plastic bags before being put in my cloth bags = five plastic bags!

Jeri said...

Seeing that carcass of the albatross makes me ill - thinking that it is all "our" doing. The earth is ours, and we are polluting it in every way. Shame on us!

I'm buying up those bags at the stores, too. I really like one I got from Trader Joe's. I'm hoping that I am not becoming obsessed with the earth friendly bags. I seem to be buying alot of them, more than I can use at any one time. And then, sadly, I forget to take them with me when I go to the store =(